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Thrift Haul: DvF, faux fur vest, sequins, leather and more!

Today's thrift haul is a mix of thrift store and estate sale finds. I'm back in binge thrift mode. I'm stocking up for the first Thriftanista Trunk Show Shopping Party. Now I can justify my addiction.

I'm working out a date now to have it in my home. If you're local, you'll have to drop by for cocktails and shopping! There will be new and handmade goods as well. More details to come.

In the meantime, check out the haul!

The first 3 items are from estate sales. I spent $10 for a sweater, a blouse, and a belt.

vintage 80s red sweatshirt
I went to this sale looking for bedside tables and a food processor. I didn't find either but I did find this vibrant red sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are on trend right now and this one is so unique with the white piping trim and hand pouch. That's old school! Perfect with jeans, leggings, or even a pencil skirt.

vintage 80's purple sequin blouse from See Lo
Estate sale find #2. I yelped when I spotted this one! C'mon. Purple sequins? Sequin blouses are hard to find that are completely flawless in thrift stores. When you do find them, the price is jacked up higher than I'm willing to pay. I have found a few but none as flawless and as rich in color as this one.

vintage gold tone stretchy belt from Accessocraft
I bought the belt at the same estate sale as the blouse. It was a buck so I bought it. It's a great addition to my stretchy belt collection. It's made by . They also make some really great lion themed accessories which are one my thrift things I never say no to. I hope I come across a lion on future thrift trips.

The rest of the haul is from Unique. I spent $32 and got a purse, 2 sweaters, a designer dress, faux fur vests, and leather pants.

vintage black wicker bag
I've already posted this fabulous bag on my social networks. I was thinking about painting it hot pink because I think it would look spectacular. However, I feel some kind of way about tampering with vintage. I rarely do it. It's so unique with the feet on the bottom and gorgeous clasp. What do you think? Is it wrong to refashion vintage?

green cable knit sweater
I liked the shawl like v neck collar and it's a sweater. This is one of the few items I need in my closet. Temps have finally dipped into the teens over here.

.99 ugly sweater
I just don't know. Have you heard the expression "It's so ugly, it's cute?" Normally used to describe babies. It's ugly. I like all the trim. I don't know if I'm going to wear it or deconstruct it. What say you?

blue / white circles print Diane von Furstenberg shirt dress
DvF for less! I'll take it. It's a silk shirtdress, it has pockets and waist seams.

faux fur vest from Gap
Another item I wanted to add to my closet. On this day of thrifting, I found 4 that I wanted! When it rains it pours faux fur vest. I even spotted a full length Armani real fur lined coat. I ended up taking two of them.

faux fur vest from Old Navy
It's pretty much the same as the other one but with a different kind of fun fur. I've already worn this one. It's so warm.

leather pants from Ann Taylor Loft
The pants fit great with a high rise, the leather is soft and they're lined. I want them tapered a little bit. Right now they have straight legs. I will have to find a tailor. I do not want to risk jacking them up. I think these could last several years in the closet.

I've slipped out of the top #25 but I'm still going for it so.....

I'm still accepting votes for the Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Moms on Circle of Moms. I entered for a few reasons:

1. I want to see more women of color in the top 25.
2. Thrifting rocks and I want to see a thrift fashion blog in the the top 25.
3. It's 2013, I'm trying something new!

I would love your votes and you can expect to see this plea several times during the voting period!
Just click the button below and click vote. Easy peasy. No other info required. Thanks! FYI: You can vote once every 24 hours for the next 7 days!


Dr. Reginia; The Social Mistress said...

The red vintage sweatshirt is very stylish. I could definitely pair it with some dark fitted jeans and cute shoes. The handbag and vest are a close favorite as well.

Shon said...

Ok, first off, WHAT IN THE WORLD???? You got some crazy good stuff. The sequin top, gold belt, red sweatshirt, Wicker bag, and blue/white DVF dress are my faves!!

Please do not touch that Wicker bag!! It is pristine the way it is.

Enjoy and keep us posted on your sale.


FabEllis | Beauty, Fashion + Natural Hair said...

Great finds! I love those leather pants and the gold belt!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I just keep wondering what you do with all this stuff!

As for the bag, tough call. The black is sharp and classic, and the pink would be fun. I don't think there's anything wrong with reworking vintage if it keeps it alive and makes the piece see the light of day.

Ask Nia B said...

You out did yourself! I need that red sweatshirt in my life! I'm all for reconstructing vintage wear, but I say leave the wicker bag as-is; it looks so rich and lovely. Same goes for the "ugly sweater". I say rock it as-is. I love seeing and making "ugly" things beautiful:)

Suburban Style Challenge said...

Fantastic, as always! I love that sweatshirt, the wicker bag (I say leave it, but I love it in black), and the DVF dress. said...

oh wow - wished I lived closer! I especially like the "ugly sweater"!

YUMMommy said...

Really liking the sweat shirt and the vests. I would totally deconstruct that sweater and have a little fun making it in to something else.

Splendor said...

I voted for you!!

laniza said...

Yes on the purple sequins, the red sweatshirt, and the leather pants. I don't know what I think about the ugly sweater, lol! It's too ugly to style with anything but super basic stuff like jeans.

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