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Vintage Wrist Soiree Giveaway

It's a wrist soiree! January's giveaway is a set of 4 gently used but fabulous bracelets:

1 chain link bracelet
2 chain clasp bracelets
1 stretchable rhinestone bracelet
Estimated value: $25+

I went to an estate sale over the weekend and found some great vintage costume jewelry. I was still on the hunt for what the giveaway would be. I was looking for something that represents Thriftanista in the City's main focus -- thrifting fabulous finds. I also wanted to find something that I would wear if no one enters the giveaway would appeal to most. The bracelets are old but they have a very current look so I hope you like them as much as I do.

As you may know, I struggle in the accessories department. I usually become overwhelmed putting it all together and end up taking it all off. So, I am pretty pleased with how this group came together with all the textures, thicknesses, and shapes.

Violet photobombing wrist soiree pics

I paired them with my standard mama attire - shirt and pants. I also pulled out the snakeskin and leather purse I thrifted ages ago but never carried. I don't know if it matches or not. I saw it and decided today was the day I take it for a spin.

Thriftanista in the City sitting in window

Violet photobombing again

Violet photobomb's shoe shot

The clip-on 80s earrings were thrifted a couple of days ago. I bought two bags of random cast off hodge podge jewelry for approximately $3. I plan to re-purpose most of the pieces and experiment more with diy jewelry.

Vintage 80s clip ons

Sidenote: I'm still down with do you, V. Photobomb and mean mug away!

Violet admiring bracelets

On my feet, another great pair of booties from Betsey Johnson via Amazon. I got them for $30. Retail value: $130. I've had them for a couple of weeks now without having anyplace to wear them. I'm hibernating like a bear.

Just like with the purse, I said "forgetaboutit" and wore them just because. Car travel only, of course.

Betsey Johnson booties

Now the giveaway details!

Thriftanista in the City January giveaway

The giveaway: Four vintage bracelets

To enter: Leave one comment telling me (1) what you would wear them with (2) your additional entries (3) contact info ~ email, Twitter, Facebook, or blog.

Extra entry for:
Followers of Thriftanista in the City via GFC (widget in right sidebar) or Bloglovin
Fans of Thriftanista in the City on Facebook
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Sample comment
I would wear them with a perfectly draped sheet and crocs. I follow on instagram and twitter as wristsoireelover. - wristsoireelover at gmail dot com

Giveaway ends on 1/31/13. A winner will be announced on 2/1/13.
US only.

In separate news:

I'm down in the count but still hanging on until the last day of voting on January 23 for Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Moms on Circle of Moms. I entered for a a few reasons:

1. I want to see more women of color in the top 25.
2. Thrifting rocks and I want to see a thrift fashion blog in the the top 25.
3. It's 2013, I'm trying something new!

I would love your votes and you can expect to see this plea several times during the voting period!
Just click the button below and click vote. Easy peasy. No other info required. You can vote once every 24 hours! Thanks!


Renée Chapman said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Renée Chapman said...

I would wear them with my work attire - I love them and would wear them all.the.time. I follow on Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. mrsrachapman(at)gmail(dot)com

it's not an entry - but I also voted for you :)

Tomingo said...

I think it looks great. THanks for sharing.

April Giannosa said...

What a great idea for a giveaway! I'm usually a gold-tone fan...but these beauties would get worn and mixed with my current wrist collection!
Following on twitter and pinterest!

Knocked Up Fabulous

Ashley S said...

I would wear them with this cute black dress I have! I followed you on Twitter (AshBG) and Pinterest (MDMommaReviews) - abgillette at gmail dot com

laniza said...

I would wear them with my navy polka dot skirt and a white blouse. I follow on GFC and my email is laniza(at)gmail(dot)com

YUMMommy said...

I would wear them with my usual jeans and a blouse. Maybe throw on a cardigan or vest to jazz it up a bit. Following via GFC, Twitter (@yummommies), Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (YUMMommy.)

Beauty said...

Those bracelets are super cute! They would look great on any black/white ensemble.

MommyFerg02 said...

I would wear them with a button up and scarf :) mommyferg02(at)gmail(dot)com

LeettleBaby said...

I would probably wear them with my normal jeans and tee combo ;-) alanna (dot) delbosque (at)

LV said...

What a great giveaway! I would wear them with a cute blazer and jeans.

Kenya Hunter said...

Love that clutch! Very fab! Love the bracelets too! Definitely a good match for jeans,tee and blazer!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog

brenda said...

I would wear it with a black wrap dress and silver necklace and earrings. I would also wear some heels. I follow on instagram as brendecia and I follow on twitter as @smc_dreams. My facebook is brendecia burgess and my contact email is I followed on facebook and pinterest and bloglovin.

Chandra said...

I would wear them with a little black dress, of course! I follow you via gfc {a stylish little lady}, twitter {@ilovescribbles} and pinterest {@astylishlittlelady} You can contact me at

Object of Maya*ffection said...

FAB outfit!! Denim is CLASSIC! HOTT shoes!

Christine said...

I am so glad to have found your blog through The Pleated Poppy! I too live in Chicago and LOVE to thrift! I cannot wait to read about all of your finds.

SavingsInSeconds said...

Those are so cute! I would wear these with my Saturday jeans and a cute sweater.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I would wear them to school and church. I can't wear necklaces to school, so I'd like to start adding more bracelets.

I follow you on all of the above, Twitter, facebook, et al.

JACLYN said...

I would wear them with a black dress and flats! I'm a facebook fan- Jaclyn Reynolds. My email is

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That bag is amazing and I love her sweet little skirt!

Splendor said...

Haha I love that look she's giving you in the window pic.

Taylor Made Invites said...

I would wear them with a white button up blouse and jeans, riding boots

Taylor Made Invites said...

Followers of Thriftanista in the City via GFC (widget in right sidebar) or Bloglovin
Fans of Thriftanista in the City on Facebook
Followers of Windy City Mama on Pinterest
Followers of Windy City Mama on Twitter
Followers of Windy City Mama on Instagram

I am following all of the above.
Lori T. Brown -, @rsvpwithlori

melody-mae said...

Oh my dear...I would wear them with EVERYTHING! I have no problem whatsoever in adding and addling more bangles and bling with my outfits. My only rule is if I am wearing lots of bracelets I try to steer clear of too much other things, like I wear a simple necklace and earrings and go for major arm candy!!!! Right now I am wearing lots of leggings & tights with different boots and loads of arm bling. :)

melody olson
melbalina@ gmail .com

melody-mae said...

I follow you on:
facebook, GFC, instagram, twitter & pinterest!!!


melbalina@ gmail. com

Cward said...

I would wear them with my primary colors graphic print maxi dress and leather gladiator sandals with a crop denim jacket. I follow you on instagram @cward1120. Eamil address is

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