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DIY: Mint green straight leg pants to skinnies

I'm wearing a dress as a top and my pants are from the $10 bag sale. I did end up tapering them like I wanted to. I got a little "taper" happy and mucked up the crotch a bit. I prefer to wear them with a longer top instead of actually undoing it and fixing it. Since I don't have a lot of those in my closet, I belt tucked this dress into a hi - low hem tulip shape.

I did a quick trip to Target and the post office today in the MIA heels. I barely made it. My left baby toe (my bigger foot) felt like it was being severed. 

I'm still entering outfits in Thrift Store Runway's contest. Are you?
Vintage Sunglasses - unknown (thrifted)
Seed bead necklace - handmade in Kenya
Dress - Basic Editions  (thrifted)
Mint pants - Talbot's (thrifted)
Wood platform sandals - MIA (thrifted)
To everyone who requested items from the beauty table, I've mailed your loot out (if I have your address). Enjoy!

Now on to the winner of the Oscar Mayer gift bag......

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LV said...

I need to try wearing my dress as a top, most of them fit me like that anyway, LOL. You look very stylish. I love that shade of green.

shaneka said...

What's the beauty table???

Antonella Leone said...

your blog is really great <3 I love it <3 may we can follow each other? :)

YUMMommy said...

Can't wait to get my loot! Love the outfit. I've had my toes feel like they were being chopped off by shoes before. Dr Scholls makes some gel straps that work pretty good.

Neche said...

I need to move to where you leave because over here where I leave, the thrift stores do not have things this good or maybe they do but it looks very good on you!!!!

Tiff said...

I wish I could sew. Dammit!!! Looks great

Stesha said...

I tried wearing a dress as a top once but it didn't work out so well. Your look is fabulous on you!

Hugs and Mocha,

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