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The Confessional - My Blog Photography

Well look at me all leaned up against the couch. Whew, it's exhausting standing all the time. Maybe I'll be sitting next time. 

It's Monday and a good day for a random confession. 

Denim shirt - Riders by Lee (thrifted)
Elastic belt with spear closure - unknown (thrifted)
Black leggings - Spark (thrifted)
Black ankle boots - LL Bean (thrifted)
Have you ever thought to yourself, why are Mama V's photos cropped so thin? No? Never? Ok. I'll tell you anyway.

My main reason for cropping is because my living room is also the kitchen and dining room with
- a bar area (Mama likes booze)
- a broken file cabinet (I need a file storage solution bad)
- a liquor dispenser (more Mama likes booze)
- coat closet overflow (too much thrifing and not enough weeding)
- V's playroom (usually toys everywhere)
- stroller staging area (we have 2 that don't fold up properly)
- my sewing, craft, "for sale" staging area (normally a jumbled mess of boxes, fabric, and supplies)
- a couch that has fallen victim to "sh*t my kids ruined"

Oh and by the way, my shirt is a size 3X (WOA: Ignore size labels).
My leggings are faded.
My boots are dirty.
This is me on Saturday.
Reduce noise is my friend.

Tomorrow I'm going on a date! This will be our 2nd post V date. I should be back with  something a little more dressed up later in the week.

Care to share? What do you want to confess?


Gina said...

I am jealous...seriously. LOVE me some LL and Eddie B. When I get rich, I'm coming to see you and you can take me thrifting...You said the craft word. Lemme see, lol

Style4Curves said...

U look great!!!


i like your outfit!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I'm impressed that you can so easily take self-portraits.

Ah ha, the closet IS getting full!

Splendor said...

Have fun on date night and you look great!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Looking fabulous, have fun...and I don't know why you reasoning for cropping made me giggle, maybe because it sounds like me..

Kristin said...

I crop away too! No shame in that lady...You look great!

Mama Violet said...

I'll put you on my list for when I get going with thrifting road trips.

I haven't done any projects in a while but I like to have some things out in case the spirit hits me.

Mama Violet said...

It's not easy. I have to take a few to get a decent pic and then do more editing when I'm done with all that.

The hall closet is out of control. My clothes closet looks pretty good. :)

Mama Violet said...

Thank you for the compliments! I had a great date night. We ate, chatted, and dreank wine. Definitely need to do this more often!

research paper said...

You look so gorgeous in the denim shirt really...and I like the reasons you gave for your priorities in the things you prefer for your house...once again you look awesome in the photo..!!

kjkj said...

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