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Dressing Cute When Feeling Fat

I feel fat and not with a ph. More blobbish, blah, and not so cute.  A few days of every month, I just don't feel like myself. My clothes don't fit like they usually do. I can't collect my thoughts and my mood swings between rage and super sad. I also obsess about weight while eating a balanced diet of sugar and salt.  During this feel fat phase, I find it best to dress comfortably and keep it as simple as possible.

dressing cute when feeling fat

I wear a dress because it's easy. I won't end up staring off in my closet with a top in my hand wondering what to put on the bottom. I can just throw it on and go. Big plus if it doesn't require ironing. 

rabbit print dress

I'd really like to wear one of my loose fitting house muumuus. It's not very figure flattering though especially when your mind has told you that you've gained 1000 pounds overnight and it probably won't fit anyway.

blue bunny dress

Being fearful of shapeless sack couture,  I settled on one of my latest thrift finds. A slightly big dress with tiny pink bunnies on it! Someone even asked if my dress was J. Crew. That perked me up a bit and shifted my mood because I friggin love J. Crew and now I get to talk about my most favorite topic in the world -- thrifting!

day dress

In addition to the mental struggle and bloating, there's also the aches and pains. While I wouldn't dare wear anything tight as an outfit during this time, I do wear Spanx or tights underneath because it helps alleviate the pressure and soothe the achy everything.

I still feel fat and round like a period (tee hee). Cute though.

Now that I've over shared with you, how do you dress cute when feeling fat?

monteau bunny dress
THRIFT Monteau bunny print dress - vintage fish scale belt - Cole Haan loafers

***in other news***

The Thriftanista Closet has been updated. Check it out!

Thinking of a change. What do you think of this hair color?

vintage style dress

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