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Thrifters Like Memes Too

I love a good meme so I created a few that only us thrifters would understand. This is also a mini Thriftanista takeover. Happy Friday! 

Thrift Store Happy Face
Thrifting makes me giddy. I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm on the way to the thrift store. I guess that means I. Love. It. I don't even mind the occasional thrift store aroma.

thriftanista thrift store

Non-Buyer's Remorse (NBR)
Whenever you decide to do the responsible thing and stick to a budget a wave of regret pops up. Sometimes it sinks in right away and other times it's in the wee hours of the morning. If you're lucky, your treasure could still be there but probably not.

non buyers remorse

Thrift Store Stalker Problems
My story: A stalker was watching and waiting. I put a really cute red leather jacket back on the coat rack and all I saw was a hand swoop down grab it and rush away. It still stings. You snooze. You lose and then the non-buyer's remorse sets in.

thriftanista meme

I'd Rather Be Thrifting
That urge to thrift usually creeps up on me when I'm folding laundry or cleaning toilets. What about you?

rather be thrifting

Luxury Brands at Thrift Stores
I'm always shocked when I see a designer find in great condition. How did Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Coach bags with retail prices from $500 to well over $1K end up in the donation pile? I'm even more surprised when it's in for-profit thrift store!

designer brands at thrift store

Thriftanista Dreams
That actually happened to me. Not only was there an estate sale Groupon, there was also multiples of everything so chances were good you'd get the item you specifically wanted to buy. It was all a dream.....

Thrifters Do It Better
Shopping, of course. *wink, wink*

thriftanista in the city

***in other news***

I didn't have a case of non-buyer's remorse this week. I splurged on a $15 vintage coat thanks to the enablers on facebook and instagram.


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