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Thrift + Style: Sheer Maxi Dress

Last year, I found a Target maxi dress at Salvation Army for $1.75. I have a fat arm issue and a sun allergy so I rarely expose my full arm in summer. The price was right and so was the purple and pink color combination. It was also new but the included slip was missing. I wore the dress last year with one of my thrift store slips. It was too short for the long length and looked a bit off. This time I had the perfect solution -- leggings!

vintage earrings worn with maxi dress

Thrift Tips

Check Salvation Army and Goodwill first. You may be able to find brand new current (like still on the website fresh) Target overstock.

If you find a sheer maxi dress, pick up a slip too while you're out thrifting.

thrift and style sheer maxi dress

Look for classic shapes. Unless hi-low hemlines are your ride or die trend, no need to thrift one. 

Try on in the store.  Grab a few pairs of shoes with different heel heights to gage where the length will fall on you.

Thrifted Target maxi dress

Visit elastic waist maxi skirts too. You may be able to pull one up for a quick diy dress.

Style Tips

Please do wear pants, leggings, or slip with a sheer maxi. Trust me on this.

purple dress worn with leggings

With a boxy maxi dress (like mine), turn up your accessories for an extra hit of bold style. Bring out the wrist soiree or your biggest earrings.

purple maxi dress

Wear a denim jacket or blazer if you need more arm coverage.

Simple, flat shoes and sandals work best with maxi dresses.

how to style a maxi dress
THRIFT Target maxi dress - vintage earrings - bangles AMAZON hot pink leggings 6PM MIA flats

Are you a maxi dress fan?

*** Other News ***

It's giveaway time again. Vintage Coach, Balmain wallet, and a set of bangles are up for grabs. Three winners this time. Check it out!

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