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Flashback Friday - Accidental Vegan

I like meat. I've seen videos of animal slaughter. Yes I think it's really really gross but ooohhhweee goat, bacon, cheese, burgers, and chicken are good. On December 31, 2008, I had a fabulous NYE meal at Brazzaz's, a brazilian steakhouse aka meat buffet. I didn't plan on going vegan. My intention was to do a master cleanse (lemonade and water for 10 days) with a Facebook group starting January 1. I was going to keep a diary of my experience and receive a gift card for posting about the experience. Of course, I was also hoping for a little fast and easy weight loss.

The next day I did start the cleanse, I did one salt water flush instead of 1 each day. If you've ever done it then you know why. I didn't feel like writing about the experience so no gift card but I still wanted to see if I can loose a little weight. It worked for Beyonce surely it could work for me.

For me the first 2 days were hard but after that it wasn't so bad. I had a headache the first day probably because of a lack of caffeine. I felt like I was a bit tipsy (probably lightheadedness). As the days went on I stopped wanting food and I definitely didn't want anymore lemonade but I wanted to complete the 10 days.

After the experience I no longer had a desire for fried foods or sugary snacks. I stopped drinking coffee and changed my diet completely. Those bad food urges were gone and I liked how I felt (bms were GOOD!). I lost 10 pounds. My dentist commented on how improved my teeth were (the only thing I changed was my diet, not my routine). I made wiser food choices and started cooking at home more because it's hard trying to find completely meat and dairy free food that isn't a salad.

All through my pregnancy I continued to eat vegan but after the baby I'm eating anything and everything. It started with lack of cooking and so many take out/delivery meals. Vegan dining is hard. Vegan delivery is harder. I am back on the fried meat horse, the sugar horse, the caffeine horse, and the sugar horse. I do feel like I'm addicted and I feel blah and bloated all over again. I'm  back in that place where I'm telling myself I NEED coffee. I NEED dessert after every meal. I NEED Harold's (if you're in Chicago, you know). I'm finding it so hard to just stop.

I still cook vegan but for dining out and delivery I'm usually ordering the yummiest nasty (in a good way) for you item and I don't know how to kick the habit. I can't see myself doing another cleanse but I really want to go back to a way of eating that really worked for me.

Anyone else out there battling the sugar, caffeine, meat, carb beast? Have you overcome it? Got any tips?

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