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How I Styled An Ankara Print Duster Coat

There is a small window of time here when a duster coat is all you need for the weather. It's the perfect in between jacket for the change in seasons. I still have my summer clothes out but it's getting a little too chilly for them. Who knows when I'll getting around to changing my closet. Besides, I'm hoping warm weather will make another appearance before Christmas. It usually does.

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A light coat keeps me warm and according to Violet, makes me look like a superhero. The wind keeps blowing the jacket up and back as if it's taking flight. I'll take V's comparison as a compliment. Most of time her remarks about my fashion choices comes across as shade.

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I like how the african wax print fabric gives structure to the coat and the long draping length adds a robe like quality. I feel pulled together enough to run errands and comfortable enough to relax on the couch in it this evening.

I made the duster last year and wrote a tutorial. Maybe you'd like to make one too.

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I kept my outfit simple. I think this will be the last wear of the year for the Mamacita tank and I basically live in the Old Navy jeans. They're the only ones I have with a high waist and short inseam. No rolling, tucking, or altering to do.

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Surprisingly, my only thrift treasure in this outfit is the boots. They were brand new when I found them. The triangle heel and almond toe have come together perfectly to make a stylish yet totally walkable boot. The height of the boot is rather odd though and I suspect that's what caused them to be cast out of someone's closet.  They're not ankle, calf, or tall which makes them difficult to wear with anything but a skinny jean.

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My husband brought back lots of beautiful jewelry from his last trip to Kenya. My headband is a necklace from that haul. I wanted to add a little color to my afro puff because I'm super frantic about the ponytail. I wore my hair in bun or ponytail all through high school and college. It's my go-to when I got nothing else. I'm glad to have that crutch back.

Are you into duster coats this season?

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What I Wore: ankara duster coat (diy) - Old Navy Rockstar jeans (Old Navy) - VooChic mamacita tank top (etsy) - earrings (Kenya) - beaded necklace as headband (Kenya) - Gianni Bini boots (thrift store)

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