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DIY Purse Organizer for Keys, Kleenex and Other Essentials

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I have tons of bags and totes that I never carry because all of my belonging become a jumbled mess inside. A purse organizer will keep everything in place and make it easy to transfer contents of one purse to the next.

diy purse organizer
I don't know about you but I spend a fare amount of time looking for essentials like house keys in my purse. I get out of the car. Hit the button to close the garage door. Fish around my ginormous mom bag for the keys. The garage goes completely dark because it take me just that long to find them. Then I need to find my phone to access the flashlight so I can see in the dark to get the keys that always seem to be just out of reach of my searching hand.

extra pockets for purse

The purse organizer is a really easy project and definitely one I should have done a lot earlier. All the essentials are neatly tucked inside of a pocket in the organizer. It only takes a few straight stitches and you're done in about five minutes.

DIY Purse Organizer

2 placemats
matching thread
sewing machine

placement purse organizer
INSTRUCTIONS: 1. My placemats are from Walmart but this would be a great thrift store upcycle project. 2. Sew the two placements together on one of the shorter edges. 3. Fold up lengthwise and sew a seam close to both edges. Place your common purse items inside the fold to determine how wide to make the slots. 4. Chalk out the lines and sew.

kleenex go anywhere

I made sure to include a pocket to fit my Kleenex Go Anywhere pack. Unofficial summer has kicked off here and it is hot and humid. My makeup feels like it's sliding right off of my face. I like to use the tissues to dab at the sweat while keeping the makeup intact. 

kleenex tissues

The packs are so convenient and portable. I keep one in the car and V carries a pack in her camp bag. Not only are Kleenex Go Anywhere packs great to have on hand and not just when you have a runny nose or sweat dripping down your face. I've been known to use as a napkin or a plate when snacking on the go.

What's in your purse? How do you keep it organized?

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