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Perfect Casual Holiday Outfit for House Party

My fancy dress holiday parties are few and far between since I no longer work outside of the home. I'm more likely to be invited to small gatherings of family and friends. This outfit or some version of it will be in heavy rotation now until the new year. Thanks to Belk for introducing to the modern southern style of Crown & Ivy clothing.

crown & ivy clothing exclusively at belk department stores

I'm invited to parties where you kick your shoes off, drink eggnog and watch holiday movies. The parties I go to are festive and pretty laid back. I wear outfits that are part dressy and part casual. You never know if you're going to be dancing in a soul train line or playing a board game with the kids so it's best to dress casual with a glam touch or two.

holiday clothing from crown & ivy

The Perfect Holiday House Party Outfit

1. Choose a festive top. Sequin tops are my first choice but they won't move well should a dance party pop off. They're great for holding wine and a cube of cheese. They're certainly not as cozy as a sweater. I found a great one at Belk last week. It's soft. It's a festive red and it's a cute Christmas sweater. Not the ugly kind. The lights of the sweater are tastefully embellished with rhinestones adding some subtle dressiness to the top. There's even a few terriers decorating the back of the sweater. It's festive in front and fun in back.

holiday house party outfit with crown & ivy

2. Add dressy pants. I have been all over the resurgence of velvet in current trend. Just like the sweater, these flared pants are from the Crown & Ivy collection available exclusively at Belk. They're flowy, soft, and very pajama like yet all the way glam. They work great with a sweater and will be super stylish with sequins, beading or even more velvet should your holiday parties takes place at work or an upscale venue.

terrier dog christmas sweater from crown & ivy collection at belk

3. Glam up with sparkly baubles and a great shoe. Complete the look of a dressed up casual ensemble with fabulous jewelry consisting of large piece costume jewelry and great pumps. No worries about the heel height.  They're for getting in and out fo the car. You'll be kicking them off as soon as you cross over the mistletoed threshhold, right? It's one of the best perks of holiday house parties!

flare velvet pants from crown & ivy collection at belk department stores

Visit your local Belk or go online to learn more and shop the Crown & Ivy collection now. I highly recommend signing up for the email or text newsletter. There's always a great coupon inside.

What's your holiday party style?

casual holiday outfit featuring crown & ivy clothing

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