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Thrift Store Outfits // Dime Skirt

The weekend was spent celebrating my 42nd birthday. For brunch at my favorite french bistro, I chose a dressed up version of eating pants - soft and stretchy on top and bottom. I usually buy t-shirts from the thrift store but I couldn't resist the $3 tee that perfectly sums up my relationship with mornings and dependence on coffee. Words do not form until I have a few sips in me. The skirt was a dime which means it was basically free.

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My stretchy knit striped skirt is possibly the cheapest item I have ever thrifted. Ever. It was 10 cent. It's a classic shape and classic style. How could I say know. This size 0 skirt stretched over my hips at my largest weight and currently fits my smaller frame. This skirt is magic and a well spent dime.

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A black and cream skirt is extremely versatile. It matches everything but I really love how it looks with this shade of electric blue. The black lettering brings the pieces together. 

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I'm a fan of a tucked shirt especially when there's a high waist involved. I would have preferred to tuck but then the full message can't be received. Don't mess with me before coffee is served.

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Head wraps are my favorite summer accessory. My hair has no defense against the constant scalp sweat situation going on from exercise and the heat. I'm hoping this current crop of pin curls can survive. If not, slapping on a colorful wrap will make it all better.

How was your weekend?

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The Details
headwrap - african print fabric
vintage earrings - thrift store
graphic tee - Walmart
Limited skirt - thrift store
Nine West sandals - retail

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