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DIY No-Sew Sequin Epaulets

I thrifted a turtleneck and added super easy no sew epaulets to add a little fancy to the simple, classic wardrobe staple. I can't believe I'm actually wearing a turtleneck. I've always hated the struggle of getting them over my head and hair.

thrift store refashion

This turtleneck had quite a few pluses going for it though. Besides a great price, it has a great cobalt blue color. It's super soft and stretchy so I was able to get it over my head without messing up my hair or squishing my face. That's a definite perk.  It has all of the coziness of a sweater without chunking me up. Major perk.

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It was perfect as is but I have a thing for shoulder embellishments and when I impulsively bought trim over the weekend, the turtleneck volunteered as tribute came to mind for refashion experimentation.

old or thrift store top
sequin appliqué*
Liquid Stitch Stitchless Sewing 

*my trim was pretty expensive at $7 a piece. I'd recommend Etsy for a better price point. 

Liquid stitch is an amazing adhesive I found amongst my sewing things. It was never used and still in the outer packaging. It's binds permanently and can withstand washing machine and dryer. Because of the delicate sequins and beading, I will use gently cycle and air dry.

diy embellished shoulders tutorial
Step 1: Trim tulle around appliqué to desired shape then apply liquid stitch to the thicker parts of the design on the back.

Step 2: Lay your top down so that the shoulder front and back is visible. Apply appliqué to top. Press firmly in place.

Step 3: If you have pieces that are still sticking up, just press a bit of glue on it. Liquid Stitch dries clear but if you apply too much glue it can stiffen the appliqué too much. Use a paintbrush and do some some gentle dabbing until it sticks.

Step 4: Once you have applied both pieces, allow to dry 24 hours before wearing.
no sew embellished epaulets

The project only took about 10 minutes to complete since no sewing was involved. You just have to figure out the proper placement. You can unstick the adhesive before it dries by adding a little water. I did that a few times because I didn't use pencils or other markers for evenness and accuracy. I just eyeballed it.

Do you buy trim for refashioning projects?

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The Details
vintage earrings - $2
turtleneck (thrifted) - $4
midi skirt - $10
JustFab silver pumps - gift


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