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DIY Fringe Crop Top

There are so many t-shirts in the land. Sometimes we buy them. Sometimes we get them free. Somehow we end up with a stash of huge shapeless ones that don't fit very well. If you have a few laying around, refashion them into a trendy new fringe crop top this summer. 

diy fringe crop top

It's easy and no sewing required. Plus, the fringe is exactly the camouflage needed when you want to wear a cropped top but don't like exposing too much belly skin.

fringe tshirt diy

I doubled the camo by wearing a dress underneath. The striped maxi dress from the Memorial Day thrift haul covers up my belly button and keeps me within my comfort zone. The dress is now remixed as a high waist skirt.

DIY Fringe Crop Top


shapeless t-shirt
rotary cutter (optional)

fringe tee tutorial


Step 1: Cut approximately 2 inches off of the bottom hem. I didn't take exact measurements. I just eyeballed it.
Step 2: Cut vertical strips on the bottom that are about 1/2 inch in width. Again. Eyeball it.
Step 3: Fold shirt in half. Remove ribbed neckline. 
Step 4: I used the original neckline as a guide and followed the curve starting at the fold and an inch down from the neckline and move towards the shoulder.
Step 5: Cut into the shoulder seam about 2 inches away from new neckline.
Step 6: Cut on a curve moving closer to the sleeve so as to snip right below the underarm seam.

t-shirt over maxi dress

If you prefer a tighter armhole you can simply knot it like I did or re-do by removing the shoulder seam and moving it further down. The fringe will curl when you wash it or you can stretch them a bit if you're pressed for time.

thrift store fashion blogger

Is fringe on your summer wish list?

how to make a crop fringe top without sewing
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Liv said...

Love it. Can't wait to add it to my list of projects to do this weekend :)


laniza said...

This came out cute!

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