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Fast Fashion from Goodwill

I'm not much of a fast fashion kind of girl and $15 (retail not thrift) dresses aren't how I want to build my closet. Every now and again, I come across a flimsy dress that captures my heart. That would be this semi backless cutie from my last Goodwill thrift haul.

fast fashion from goodwill

This dress is an explosion of colors plus it's light and airy. It's perfection for a warm weather day. It's also the perfect mini length for me. It's short but I don't feel overexposed. I love the back cut out too. It's long enough to cover my bra strap and it only exposes the smallest part of my back. It also gets super cool points for being lined and having an elastic waist. *raises the roof*

thrift store dresses

Those are the qualities that prompted me to buy it. I won't make a habit of it because I'm too old to wear cheap (quality) clothes. I enjoy natural, breathable fibers. Cotton is indeed the fabric of my life. I need to have tight seams that aren't in danger of popping with every move. I need to know my pretty dress isn't going to unravel in the washing machine and its threads aren't going to wrap around all the other clothes and get my pressure up while I try to cut the giant ball of tangle loose.

dresses goodwill

Thrift shopping has impacted my style in so many ways. I've become much more discerning but every now and then a dress like this comes along. Let's take bets on how long it lasts!

thrift store clothes

The sandal are brand new thrift from a haul last year. The cutouts remind me of a butterfly and they have the heel height I like. I can walk in them. I'm pretty sure I've never owned peach colored shoes either. I thought about giving them the paint job because it was such an unusual shoe color for me. Now that I've worn them, I think I'll just work outfits out around them.

thrift store outfits

What attracts you at the thrift store?

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Style & Poise said...

The dress is SUPER cute and love the heels you paired with it.

Madam Too Much said...

This dress has so many colors that I am sure you will get more wear and it fits you to a tee.

Unknown said...

I love the dress, and you make it look like money! I have not had too much luck thrifting clothes here in Fl, but in Atlanta I have found some great pieces! I love unusual shapes, curvy silhouettes and bright Color. If it has one of those characteristics, I want it!

Unknown said...

This was a great find and the colors look great on you! :)

Kelley With Love said...

Absolutely love the colors in this dress! Gorgeous!

With Love,

Unknown said...

This look is perfect for Spring, and the dress looks lovely on you-- I really like the open back. Great choice on the shoes. it's funny how sometimes that one thing that is so against our "look" ends up being a favorite. Great post.


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Cute! Definitely perfect for this warmer weather. I've found that washing my lesser quality but too cute to pass up pieces on the delicate cycle in mesh laundry bags helps them to last a little longer. Here's to hoping you will get lots of wear out of this dress!

Kasi said...

Really cute! Love the dress and shoes, perfect for spring!

Kasi |

Unknown said...

I love thrifted fashion! And those shoes...too cute

Candice said...

That dress is super cute! I feel ya on the dress quality point you made. I love a cute little dress every now and then, but I want it to last for more than 1 season without disintegrating in the wash :)

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