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{Thrift Haul} Double Trouble

I'm still touring thrift stores in my neighborhood. One of my recent thrift haul journeys took me to Riverdale, GA where there's an America's Thrift Store and a Value Village next door to each other in the same strip mall. The stores were very different though and so were the treasures. I only spent $25 but walked away with over $200 retail!


America's Thrift Store was definitely more to my liking in the price department with tags averaging around $3 - $4. Value Village prices were a little bit higher at $5 - $6 range. I've visited other Value Village stores and witnessed sticker shock before so I wasn't surprised. Some of the merchandise is worth it and some of the pricing is just a mystery.


The quality was about the same for both stores. Quite average with random bursts of awesome like a Cynthia Rowley dress that retails over $200. 

cynthia rowley blue animal print dress

The vintage jumpsuit made me squeal with delight. It's oddball and I love it. 

vintage jumpsuit

I saw the yellow jacket on a rack being wheeled out and it's the perfect topper for fall with the lovely sunny color. It fits great too.

thrift store jacket

Brand new green knit pants from INC / Macy's. Perfect to throw on in the morning for school drop and can also be styled up to for a chic casual type of gno.

thrift store macy's inc pants


I didn't encounter much sale merchandise. I grabbed the J. Crew Summer dress because it was half off and it was a really hot day. I wasn't thinking about Fall shopping at all. I received the Monday senior discount of 10%. I hope that was a kindness and not because I look like a senior. I signed up for the newsletter over a month ago. No deals listed. Boo.

thrift haul october

Value Village was pretty much the same. They have a 50% off the entire store day on the last Wednesday of the month but 1/2 days are usually total madness in thrift stores especially when they're rare.

$25 thrift haul in october

Store Overall

America's Thrift Store was dirty and kinda disorganized just like I like it! I unearthed most of my treasures in this store. 

The vintage Aigner bag and new Gianni Bini sandals were the only things I found at Value Village that were the right price for me. Better quality merchandise though with more current styles and department store brands. 

I will definitely check them both out again. I found just enough to make me want to go back for more.

gianni bini thrift haul

What have you thrifted lately?

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Kreyola said...

I really need do a mission/challege post and do a complete outfit from thrift store items. The find you have here is are so darn cool. I really like that dress you found. It just perfect!

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

Stephanie said...

"America's Thrift Store was dirty and kinda disorganized just like I like it!" hahaha! me too!!

I recently thrifted a plaid shawl for $1 that retails for $85!! I love thrifting.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I stumbled across any good finds at the thrift store in my area. I think that I'm going to branch and try a few more in different neighborhoods since I'm in the middle of revamping my wardrobe.

Ashleigh said...

I haven't found ANYTHING lately, except child's DKNY pink trench coat for my daughter and it was a smidge too small :(

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