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The 70's Called..They Want Their Maxi Dress Back

There are some vintage clothes that are obviously from a different era. The psychedelic color of this maxi dress screams 1970s. Unlike the 70s maxi skirt, it's not a pattern that you would see in current fashion trends. We've had a tropical and floral print trend explosion, hawaiian prints can't be far behind, right?

vintage sears hawaiian dress

This brightly colored pattern was so hot even Sears had a Hawaiian Fashions line which is where this one came from originally. I snagged it from Village Discount Outlet at the very reasonable price of $3.

vintage hawaiian dress with a safety pin to cinch the waist

It didn't loose a bit of color over the past 35 - 40 years but it did loose some elastic in the empire waist. I thought the bodice could be adjusted with a tug of the front tie. Not so. The strings are purely ornamental so I did what any lazy diy-er would do. I added a safety pin to cinch under the bust a bit.

vintage maxi dress

I wore it while running errands. As I crossed the street and lifted my leg to the curb, I totally misjudged the step height. No falling but a wide enough trip to split the seam on the back vent. The extra breeze felt good. I popped more stitches as the day went on. Grateful for the cool air on a hot day. 

retro style maxi dress

By the end of the day though, my long maxi went all sexy mama. It was business in front and major thigh action in back.

70s maxi dress

Looks like it will be on vacation for the rest of the summer as I have added it to the never see the light of day repair pile. Aloha and aloha, vintage maxi. See you next year. Maybe.

vintage 70s dress
THRIFT Sears vintage maxi dress - vintage sunglasses GIFT kenyan sandals

*** in other news ***

Violet's wearing a romper. That's so last week.

I'm selling some of my finds (again) on eBay. If you're looking for a new to you skirt or sandals, go check it out!



Mimi Elle said...

You are so cute! What a beautiful dress. I love how you rocked it in the midst of all the seem splitting and all! :)

Mimi Elle said...

Seam* ;)


I think color explosions and prints of ALL sorts are in trend, so I don't see why not! I love the tropical vibe of this, I would wear this on an Island!


Thrift Style Living said...

That is a fabulous dress. It's well constructed and the colors are so vibrant. It's obvious that the dress was well cared for over the years.

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