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Who's on team elastic waist?

You know it's time to clean out your closet when you find a gorgeous 70's elastic waist maxi skirt that you had forgotten you bought. It was buried way back in the dark corner that I never visit unless I'm searching for something in particular. 

Spring trend white black colorblocking

I didn't know what I would do with it but it was $1. I figured I could find some use in it.

wear elastic waist maxi skirt

Turns out it's perfect for a day at the playground. I can bend and lift with ease and an elastic waist makes it super comfy. Pre Violet, I never thought about elastic waist clothes as an option but after living in maternity jeggings while pregnant, I am converted. I am an old lady. I am ok with that.

spring colorblocking trend

Slap a belt over the elastic or wear a long top. No one will know. If you wear leggings, you can totally rock elastic waist skirts and pants. Are you convinced? Am I still over here in team elastic waist alone? Mmmkay...on to the color blocking.

vintage 70s maxi skirt

I'm not sure I've ever combined purple and turquoise together. I think it looks great together. The belt is another closet find that I thrifted and forgot about. I have no idea where or when I bought it but I'm sure you can guess why I bought it. Yeah, that passion for purple pops up again.

thrifted vintage maxi skirt

It's adjustable with a velcro closure too. Tres chic. Not really but works great when you have to make a quick post lunch adjustment. As does the elastic waist.

wearing vintage clothes.
THRIFT vintage 70s turquoise maxi skirt - Gap tee - purple rattan 80's rope belt - yellow bauble ring - vintage earrings - vintage yellow silk scarf - vintage Foster Grant sunglasses FREE BCX jacket - Kenyan sandals

Show of hands, who's ready to join team elastic waist?

In other news, have you entered the $50 Uncommon gift card giveaway? Ends on Friday!

My post schedule is a little off. Last week Las Vegas, Nevada. This week Rogers, Arkansas. I'm heading to #SoFabCon on Thursday! Who else is going?


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