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Style File: Betsey Johnson boots under $20

Do you like my boots? Guest how much I paid for them? $19.91! Nope, not thrifted this time. I got a really good deal on Amazon. These Betsey Johnson boots were the last pair of this style listed at the sale price of $44 plus I cashed in some points with Crowdtap for a $25 code. SN: As far as influencer marketing programs go, this one is pretty good.

Betsey Johnson ankle boots

This is an everyday look for me MINUS the ankle boots. There's no way I would have made it to the end of my block in these platforms or rather my left baby toe would never make it. My left foot is at least a half size bigger than the right. The right boot is breaking in quite nicely. The left foot kills.

Betsey Johnson ankle boots

I love the wooden heels and the gold tone exposed zipper with the lighting bolt. When I showed them to E he said "yep, those are definitely you". He's right. New shoes are on my vision board. Things are happening! Small but it's nice to see progress.

Betsey Johnson ankle boots

Violet is sleeping past her allotted nap schedule so I'm clunking around in my giant heels and enjoying the breather to just stare out the window. Oh! and take pictures without photobomber extraordinaire.

green thrifted sweater

As usual, I am less than perfect. I know. Shocking (not really). I finally tried pipe cleaner curls on the shorter hair length and it is not what I thought it would be. The hair is super tight on top and stuck in tight balls of hair. The hair on one side (the side I sleep on) is practically straight and the other side is somewhere in between.

Green Sweater and Purple Cords

I put myself in a corner...Dirty Dancing reference. *snickers* I was dorky and cornball before the nerd fad, folks.

Thrifted Fashion
sweater // Faded Glory / thrifted
cords // J. Crew / thrifted & dyed
ankle boots // Betsey Johnson / Amazon
Have you found any good deals lately? Are you a Crowdtapper?

...and now the plea. FYI: You can vote once every 24 hours for the next 14 days!

I'm still accepting votes for the Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Moms on Circle of Moms. I entered for a a few reasons:

1. I want to see more women of color in the top 25.
2. Thrifting rocks and I want to see a thrift fashion blog in the the top 25.
3. It's 2013, I'm trying something new!

I would love your votes and you can expect to see this plea several times during the voting period!
Just click the button below and click vote. Easy peasy. No other info required. Thanks!


Style4Curves said...

those boots are hot!

~julee~ said...

Wow - those boots are amazing! I'll happily vote for you on Circle of Moms.

(I was also a dork long before it became cool.)

Kenya Hunter said...

The boots are fabulous! And I love the purple cords!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog

Megan, said...

Shudddupppp $20? Win!
Xo Megan,

That's My Mama said...

Those boots are an amazing buy! Love them with the purple :) Off to vote again!

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

the boots are super cute. the lightning bolt is a nice detail. you've got me interested in Crowdtap now. headed over to check it out in 3...2...

Lady Diana said...

Love your boots!

Chioma said...

those boots are fierce! love the colorblocking :)

C's Evolution of Style

DaenelT said...

Those booties though!!!!!

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