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Quick DIY Bead Bracelet

I'm sharing a beaded bracelet tutorial with you today. While Violet napped, I did a quick DIY using recycled and repurposed supplies. It's cold as fbomb out there! I haven't left the house in two day and my style file would consist of a muu muu or a velour robe.

I have had this bracelet design rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks now. I keep saying I'll go get supplies but I haven't. I decided to go ahead and give it a try with what I have on hand.

DIY Beaded Bracelet

The Supplies:

wire cutters
tree ornament hanger
chain leftover from upcycling party
jump rings also from the party
beaded bracelets from a thrift store random bag o' junk
clasp from a necklace I hadn't worn in a while
I felt so MacGyver using the ornament hanger. Violet was playing with it and once she grew bored of it, I swiped it up!

DIY Beaded Bracelet Tools

MacGyver moment #2..I used a Sharpie to turn my green "bead wire" gold. However it didn't last. The permanent marker isn't so permanent on an ornament thingamajig. 

I should have used nail polish instead but I had know idea how long this nap was going to last. I didn't want to waste precious minutes on drying time.

I agreed to make one for a friend so next time I'll use real jewelry supplies.

Wire painted with Sharpie

The Steps:

Cut two wire pieces the same size.

String beads onto wire leaving room to curl the edges.

Beaded Bracelet tutorial
Cut 4 pieces of chain all the same size.

Hook them to the bead wire.

Using the pliers, curl and close the gap as tight as possible and tuck into end beads.

Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

Attach the ends together using jump rings.

Attach the clasp.

DIY beaded bracelet


DIY beaded bracelet

DIY beaded bracelet

beaded bracelet tutorial

What do you think? 

You can make separate bracelets or add a few more strands to your liking. Add different size beads or patterns. There's lots of ways to vary it and it took less than 30 minutes.

This was only my second time working with the wire cutter and pliers so I consider myself a novice and I thought it came together well.

In other news:

If DIYing isn't your bag, you can always enter my awesome wrist soiree giveaway! Four vintage bracelets all ready to go. All you have to do is wear them!

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YUMMommy said...

I like! It's amazing what you can make with items that you have lying around.

Ashley S said...

What a fun idea! Plus I love that metallic sharpies exist :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the steps!!


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