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Date(night) with 007

Headed out to see a Red Carpet screening of Skyfall courtesy of Cadillac ATS and Klout Perks. I love a good freebie and this one was pretty darn good. E is a big 007 fan and put this on his list of movies to see. He probably would have been going my himself as we don't get out much together. As luck would have it, Violet's favorite uncle agreed to babysit. That's right! We got out again. Together. At night. Without V. *raises the roof knowing it's not cool but does it anyway*.


 Skyfall is a long movie as are a lot Bond movies. Weird fact about me -- Bond movies put me to sleep. I've watched all or most of them over the years. I love the older ones...the bright colors...the exotic locations...Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Without fail, I never make it through the entire movie. I yawned and had a couple of loooonnnng blinks but managed to stay awake! 

I found Skyfall to be less dark than the previous 2 Bond movies with Daniel Craig. The humor reminded of the old ones. Ben Whishaw was great as the new "Q". I saw him in Perfume -- a movie I saw twice and didn't fall asleep at all. That's my kind of movie (and book).

I had to leave about 15 early to move the car in order to take advantage of the 4 hour validated parking. Since I had 5 minutes to spare, I obviously had to take a shot of me in the pretty lit up walkway. My camera is propped on a garbage can. Classy!

 I'm still not good with the new 5 months old camera. When I have to adjust the knobs the pics don't come out right. I need to spend more time with the manual or only shoot during the day in sunlight (not likely). Had E snap one last photo before we went inside. Not bad.
shoulder bag // Kooba
vintage chevron coat // unknown / thrifted
vintage peplum surplus blouse // Tess / thrifted
coated black skinny jeans // Target
silver wedge booties // Apepazza 
Nervous smile as my upstairs neighbor makes way down the stairs. Don't mind me taking pictures of myself. Not. weird. at. all.

Will you be checking out Skyfall this weekend? Are you a 007 fan?


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Nice to know that sometimes your photos are snapped by another person!

Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVe the Chevron pattern on your coat! SO graphic and GORG!

-Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

Babblings of a Mommy said...

That chevron coat is gorge!! I tried to go see Skyfall this weekend with the hubs, but everything was sold out! Hoping to buy tickets in advance for next weekend.

Visiting you from Monday Mingle!


Mimi said...

THAT COAT!!! I love it. I need a new one and I have yet to find one in my excursions. It will get really cold this week I think I may have to break down and pay retail for one.

Glad you guys got out for date night. We desperately need one and will be headed out on Friday night. I don't like 007 movies for the very reason you mentioned...they put me to sleep!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, your chevron coat is AMAZING!!!!

Splendor said...

That red blouse really brings the whole outfit out nicely.

Megan, said...

hottie in the trench
Xo Megan

Renae said...

hi! I love love love your coat. How do I follow you? (where?)

I'm Renae, I'm a Grandma with style on a thrifty budget. come over and see yesterday's post.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Dying over that coat...It's just gorgeous!

Carly said...

love those skinnies and ditto from ALL the comments above..that coat is to DIE FOR!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Love all the city backdrops. I saw the movie too! I do love Daniel Craig as Bond. Thanks so much for swinging by Monday Mingle this week!

ps. here's my latest series called "what to wear" I drop an outfit bomb every saturday!

Donyale Hamilton said...

love your locs

MissRockwell said...

Isn't it so embarrassing when someone 'walks in' on your photoshoot. HA! And the crazy part is, no one EVER shows up until the minute you pull your camera out. Oh the irony!

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