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Brain Dump III

Violet walks like Fred Sanford. I googled "fred sanford walk" and discovered this is pretty common for the new walker.

I'm still thinking about the delicious brunch Girl Get A Life hosted in her home. Girl put her foot in it!

I need to update my vision board. Some visions have happened (I have an iPad) and some I'm no longer interested in (Paris? meh, not this year).

I have to start writing down my brilliant ideas *Blair Warner hair flip*. My memory is bad and I'm constantly remembering I had an idea but no idea what it was.

I made a vegan pizza with Daiya cheese that was so good. It's the best vegan cheese out there, in my opinion.

I'm hosting a BzzAgent* Black Box Wines and a Houseparty* Sabre party. I would like to do them on the same day and make it a crafting event.

I recently won 2 Eversave** giveaways. The first one was through their FB page. I won 2 "saves" for Fabulous Nails and the 2nd one was on a giveaway hosted by Baby Shopaholic for $20 in Save rewards.

I can't stop thrifting. I bought an ice cream maker for $7! Note to self: Turn this love into a hustle.

Newest thrift find
I joined TaskRabbit* after seeing them on the news. There's a video interview if you want to be a Runner. That makes me nervous. I'm not comfortable talking into the camera or being interviewed but I must hustle.

*not affiliate links but if I were signed up, they totally would be!
**the link is to my referral link because I'm in hustle mode. You will receive a $3 credit if you are new to Eversave.

What random thoughts are going through your head?

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