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Thrifting Thursday: Vintage DVF and a Haul!

I found this vintage Diane von Fürstenberg dress in a small local thrift shop. It was my first time going in and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I found so many great pieces but I put them all back except for the dress. I snatched it up without trying it on. I had V with me and she was fading fast.

It has a button front bodice with an attached neck tie and a self tie belt. The fabric is so nice and soft. The print is very autumn. Don't you think? It has pockets. Yay! The flare of the skirt is very flattering and good for twirling! The top part is a little tight on my full arms and back. So alas, I will be selling this one on eBay.

I guess I have the sad face because I'm selling it.

I also lucked up on a 50% off sale at Unique last Saturday. They're normally half off on Mondays and it is INSANE. I can't take V. She would have an instant meltdown. This Unique is not the one I normally go to either. The prices are normally higher. At 50% though? They're speaking my language.

I found so many great pieces. I came in just under my $20 budget. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with some of the them styling wise.

Go ahead and enlarge the pic for a closer look.
Purple blouse - I really just wanted it for the pants that came with it.
Grey shirt dress - it's a dress or a very long shirt. I'm not sure.
Hawaiian shirt - it's purple. I stan for Purple everything!
Missoni-esque top - I like the color and it looks comfy. Turns out it's from a maternity top.
Polka dot blouse - I liked the arrangements of the dots, it's lined and has french cuffs.
Lime sweater - I'm feeling this color right now. I want to pair it with something leopard. :)
Orange sweater - it's cold, y'all. Orange is my color and it has wood buttons.
Tribal print top - it has a gusset in the back. I don't understand why but I was intrigued. Design detail or flaw?
I love the colors in the skirt. I think I can pull this off for the cold months with black tights.
The pants are tapered and they match the purple shirt. I love them but they're a little bit too tight on my thighs.
I wasn't expecting to buy anything so I didn't dress properly for trying on clothes in the middle of the store -- A thrift no-no.

The belts:
Elastic clasp belt
YSL (I doubt it's real) belt with YSL gold metal accents on the sides
Extra long pink skinny belt
Who has some styling tips? Share them and I will wear them.
Summer clothes in the winter? What say you


Fashion Pad said...

I really need to get on my thrifting....I'm sleeping on these great finds I see on my fellow fashion blogger sites. Lovely blog, I'm now following ;-)

Kenya said...

Congrats on the score! Love the DVF dress a well.

Check out my thrifty finds at

Mama Violet said...

@Fashion Pad thank you. Love your blog. People either love or hate thrifting. Give it a try. You never know what you'll find.

Mama Violet said...

@Kenya thanks. How I love thrifty finds and I see some awesome treasure on your blog!

VanityofVanities said...

Wow! Thrifting is indeed practical and fun. btw, love the dress. Chic!

Cathy@medical scrubs uniforms

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