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Thrifting Thursday: Make It Work

I love wearing tunics whether they're in or out of style. They're comfortable and easy to slip on. I was drawn to this one because of the tri-colored stripes with silver thread running between them. Orange is my color. It adds a lovely warm glow to my skin.

There are also sequins around the v-neck (sequins make me happy) and long bell sleeves. The sleeves always dip into the water when I'm washing my hands, dishes, baby, and such so I usually roll the sleeves up.

This is my first time tucking a tunic. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I had too much volume though when paired with the "skirt" which is actually a dress.

Also thrifted because of the great color. It's a tube dress with a cute 70-ish screen print on it. I've never worn it as a dress because a) my shoulders and arms/shoulders/back are too thick for full exposure and b) I failed to notice a tiny whole that's just not worth fixing.

It will probably be returned to the thrift store very soon. It can be salvaged just not by me. WOA: Always thoroughly inspect your thrift items for tears, holes, and stains. 

Anyone else find an item so fabulous you can't understand why someone would give it away then discover it has a defect that can't be fixed? Or throw it in the "too be transformed" pile never to see the light of day?

I love ironing out wrinkles using Picnik. The dress needed to be hit with the iron a couple of times.
Are you more likely to make a thrift item work (Tim Gunn reference in honor of the season premiere of Project Runway tonight) or do you toss it/donate it?

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