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The Sleep Chronicles - Different Parent, Different Baby

The Queen's sleep has been all over the place. Sometime I get up in the middle of the night without complaint and other times I'm stomping my feet and huffing loudly. On one of my disgruntled nights, I decided we needed to share these duties so we agreed He would take over night duties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On these night I am guaranteed a full night's sleep and vice versa -- Yiipppeee!  The program was rolled out this past weekend and guess what happened? She woke up at midnight and 5a consistently with a wake up time between 6:30 am and 7:00 am. One of those nights she didn't even have a feeding until 5 she took a pacifier, rolled over, and fell asleep.

Monday I went to bed expecting the same result. Teach me to have expectations! She was up at midnight, 4:30a, and periodically until 7a (my designated wake time). 

Are you effin kidding me? She did the same thing on the night of the party.

What is He doing to create this result? Is my milk scented body waking her up? Is the wait for the bottle a good window for her to just go back to sleep? Is she choosing her favorite parent?

Whatever IT is, I'm totally jealous. If it just kinda worked out that way then I really hope this is the beginning of her new sleep cycle.

Daddy's Little Sleeping Angel
Gosh! Look how big the diaper looks on those newborn legs.

Does it work like that for you? Do you split up night duties? Are the results different depending on the parent?


Abbie said...

lol, You have a beautiful family!

V dot said...

You need to just sit her down and have talk with her. LOL.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I've heard similar stories with breastfeeding moms. I think baby does associate your smell with feeding time. I had friends who sent in the non-breastfeeding parent to get through this stage.

It's different in our house, since both parents feed our son. Granted, I feed him more frequently, but it is much more evenly shared than if I were breastfeeding. So, I'm not sure Gavin associates my smell with feeds necessarily.

Mama Violet said...

@Abbi thank you!

@V dot This blog will be turned into a book and I will break the book out in her teen years and read from it at 5:00am to remind her why I'm always up at the crack of dawn.

@Nilsa So she's looking at me and seeing a big Turkey or a triple F pair!

Mimi said...

Shared night duties? I wish. I think they can smell the milk!

Mama Violet said...

@Mimi It had to be done. I was having total attitude with Him and her after a night of no sleep.

theworldoftiffany said...

That is one sweet baby. Tell her to lay her butt down. LOL

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