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A Hair Post

The last time I talked about my hair I was thinking about cutting my locs short but worried about the change and letting go. I think I'm past it now. I had a trim about 3 weeks ago. There were pieces hitting the "danger" zone. See how much was cut off? Very little. I missed those little pieces but I got over it. I always do. It is just hair -- I'm holding my breath just a little bit while writing this.

A lil trim
Today I had a consultation with a stylist. I bit the bullet and took a drive to the land of locticians. We agreed on a layered cut with bangs or shorter hair framing the face in front. I'm going to take some images with me of what my vision is.

Below is a small sample of the the pics I've bookmarked.
Love the cut and the bangs
Length and shape is just right
Color? That would be new.
Love the bangs
This is NOT my inspiration. Wowza that's a lot of hair!

Have a dramatic hair change story? Good experience? Bad?


V dot said...

I say go with the bangs, layers just below the shoulder in back AND color.
I could do it for you. :)

I can't wait to see it. I may call Why Knot myself.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

You have always been one of the most beautiful women I know, so I think anything will look stunning. Enjoy a little transformation.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think you have beautiful hair and can't wait to see how you change it!

I recently underwent the La Brasiliana treatment for my hair ... it's a smoothing system for frizzy and unruly hair (mine!).

Mama Violet said...

@V dot uhhh hmmm maybe next time. My sis is doing the big chop and I suggested Why Knot. We can have a party ova there!

@Nilsa a de-frizzing system? That sounds like that takes a long time to do. How often do you have to do it? or is it permanent?

hehe12 said...

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