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{SAHM Style} Thrift Challenge

I'm participating in Dina's Days reader thrift challenge. Using only thrift finds, we are challenged to duplicate the look of the month. This month's challenge outfit was found on Pinterest and features a casual chic look that would work great in the SAHM closet. 

sahm style

I'm glad I participated because it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with a trendy look that's not necessarily my style. I do enjoy experimenting. SN: There's a thrift prize pack involved too! If you want to participate, email your look to Dina by March 24th. Details on her blog.


Dina's Days Reader Thrift Challenge

The Jacket

Thrifting white jackets aren't easy. I have or had one in my closet that would have been perfect but I couldn't find it so I worked with a vintage striped one that is half of a skirt suit that I picked up in the bargain bin at a vintage bazaar. Price: $5

vintage blazer ideas

The Tee

Instead of a gray tee, I wanted something that matched the jacket a bit more. I chose my clothing swap found bdg top that I actually wore on the blog already. Here I was thinking I wouldn't get much wear out of it because of the crop and I've already worn it twice! Price: FREE!!!

sahm casual ideas

The Jeans

I do not own a single pair of distressed jeans. It's one of those trends that haven't been on my radar. My Gap boyfriend jeans are more functional than flattering and I think I should have went with a skinnier jean instead. Price: $5

what sahm's wear

The Pumps

One of the best things about participating in this challenge was rediscovering my snakeskin pumps. I haven't thought about them since I wore them in Thrift + Style: J Crew shirt. They're a very comfortable low heel and not very pointy making them wearable for short distance errand running. The pattern is very unique and stands out so it adds a nice perk up to a basic outfit. $5


I didn't wear them. Only brief glimpses of the sun today.

thrift fashion style


I was going to go without because my belt is falling apart. The more I walked around the bigger my pants were so I was sagging low by the time I started taking pictures. The tummy exposure and a hip / upper cheek reveal just seemed like too much. Price: $3

If I were to grade myself on this challenge, I would give myself a C. PROS: I am completely thrifted and found all pieces in my closet. CONS: The muse looks way cooler in this look and in hindsight, I could have exercised more creative freedom and make this look work better for my body type.

Ever participate in a style challenge?

Bonus pic because I'm in love with Google's auto awesome. Happy Friday!

thrift jeans


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