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Transition to Spring with Thrift Style

If you're in a climate like Chicago, you probably don't need those spring clothes cropping up in stores just yet. We have a month, max 3 of chilly temperatures left. I am sick of my winter clothes but unless I want to freeze I'll need to keep wearing them a wee bit longer. I can however transition to spring with a few inexpensive pieces that I can wear now and after the thaw.

transition to spring with thrift style

Bright Skirts
Wear brightly colored skirt that contrasts with your cozy warm layers. Colored skirts of yesteryear are plenty at thrift stores. If florals are your thing, your transition pieces are definitely here. Thrift stores transition to spring / summer attire too but it's still an abundant source for all seasons at the same time. If you score a skirt with a thinner fabric, you can still winterize with thick tights, boots, and a heavy coat while you're waiting for warmer weather.

thrift store colored leather skirt

Neon Trim
If you're not quite ready to dive into the color explosion, keep it simple with a splash of neon trim or a subtle yet bold graphic to wear with the cold weather staple -- jeans.

wearing turquoise and orange together

Candy Colored Jewelry
Pile on an arm party of colored bangles and think happy thoughts of spring flowers blooming. Estate sales are great for random cute jewelry. From painted bangles to vintage rhinestone jewelry you can find unique pieces to brighten up the winter wardrobe you may still be wearing.

spring pop of color

Vibrant Bags
Add a pop of color with a new bag. Nothing says spring like a vibrant colored bag. Does it get any better than orange? *heckles self with chants of purple* It's such a mood enhancer. It's the perfect color when you're wearing a neutral color palette or in my case wanted even more color! Sadly, this Tory Burch Ella tote isn't mine. A friend asked me to consign it in The Thriftanista Closet. It's new. It's for sale. It's 35% off retail.

tory burch ella tote bag

How are you transitioning to spring?

how to wear leather pencil skirt
THRIFT silk cardigan - wire necklace - bangles - Newport News leather skirt - DVF ankle boots FREE BDG top RETAIL Tory Burch ella tote

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