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Thrifted Sequin Sweater for a Girls Night Out

I haven't worn the thrifted sequin sweater  in a while. It was last seen over at FabEllis. I wore it to girls night out last Sunday. I went to the Kit Kat Lounge with my homie (bestie for the young folks) to watch the Grammy's* and sip Barbie juice.

Thrifted Sequin Sweater

I had a case of the blahs getting dressed. I was glad to be going out sans V but I'm still in hibernation mode. It's cold in Chicago. blah. blah. whine. whine. I wasn't up a long primp session but it was the Grammy's. I had to add a little bit of pizzazz!

thrifted sequin sweater

I don't know if it's the sequins or the thickness of the wool making this the warmest sweater ever. It was in the 30s and I didn't feel the slightest hit of cold breeze through it.

To the person that gave this away -- why? and thanks!

thrifted sequin sweater

I carried an amazing 80s bag I thrifted at Goodwill. It's purple leather and it can be worn crossbody. I love it and I wore it all weekend. It's so roomy and it has lots of compartments inside. I can't help but wonder who gave away this grape goodness?

thrifted sequin sweater
lace infinity scarf // made by me
vintage sequin sweater // unknown / thrifted
white blouse // unknown / thrifted
white tee // NY&Co. 
80s purple crossbody bag // unknown / thrifted
jeans // Akira
silver and lucite ankle boots // Apepazza /

As for the Grammy's, I was looking forward to seeing the Bob Marley tribute but was disappointed by what I saw. It just didn't have the good vibes I was expecting. More reggae artists and more Marleys would have got the energy going. I was happy to see Damian though. He's my favorite Marley of them all! Everything else was kind of a blur.

Kit Kat Lounge Mokha Motrese

We were also treated to a nice tableside show. Mokha Motrese worked it for us! She lip synced her heart out. The Grammy awards had nothing on this buxom queen. Maybe that's why the show seemed so lackluster.

*File this post under random. I know the Grammy's were so last week!

**In other news, I'm giving away a marvelous handmade pouch of goodies! Have you entered?**

Have a great weekend. 
If you're doing something fun, invite me!
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