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Mingling Baby!

Hey there! I'm mingling today. Join me!

Monday Mingle with Momtrends, BonBonRoseGirls, and Glamamom

This is what I wore today minus the boots. I put on my rain boots when I went out but I think the leather wedges look better. I had planned on getting around today with a long sleeve shirt, tights, and leggings. I checked the weather and knew that would not be enough so I added the denim shirt and a thrifted old school Gap corduroy skirt. I added a purple belt to complete the look. Much better than my normal lounge/errand running attire.

Monday Mingle with Eighty MPM Mom

1. The phrase “It seemed like a good idea at the time”…what has been your worst idea?

Getting a BA in psychology and an MS in Human resources. Both require a great deal of people interaction and I am not a people person. They are my most costly good ideas turned bad.

2. What was your worst subject in school?

In hs it was a toss up between gym and geometry. In college it was statistics and c++ programming . In grad school, it was training and development. I dropped the class and took it again with a different instructor. That made a big difference.

3. What subject in school did you excel in?

I excelled in literature and algebra. In college, it was sociology and psychology classes. In grad school, I rocked in statistics! Go figure.
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