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What I'm Reading


My Google reader contains mostly blogs. Mainly fashion and foodie blogs so I'm basically looking at pretty pictures and reading captions and recipes. I have a ridiculous amount of subscriptions. I love reading blogs!

I downloaded it onto Kindle ages ago and I read a few pages but never got into it. Maybe I need to listen to the audio version. I'm not ready to chuck it completely. Have you read it? Did you like it?

My BFF loaned this one to me in June 2010. I was visiting her and had just finished reading the book I came with. She loaned this one to me for the plane ride home. I don't normally read short stories but this is a good one. I love hearing the bad girl stories written by bad girls like me *wink, wink*. Unfortunately I sat it down and got busy preparing for baby. I'll pick it up again. The stories are funny and definitely bad girl behavior. 

I've only read a few pages. It's due back at the library in a week. The pressure is on. I want to finish it. I need to go on a Google Reader fast. SN: The author is on Twitter and tweeted that she hopes I enjoy it.

Fresh from the library today. I read Sapphire's first book Push many years ago. I should   probably read it again since I now think of the movie (Precious) when remembering the story. I wonder if this one is screen worthy?

See my entire Goodreads list here.

What are you reading?
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