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The Sleep Chronicles

Sleep has been all over the place for the past few weeks. I know she's a baby. I know her sleep will be erratic. I know about the growth spurts and teething. I understand all that but right now I...don' I want to sleep. I'm selfish like that.

Her sleep has plummeted. It's the worst it's been EVER. At least as a newborn she slept during the day. Now I'm lucky when she takes a 20 minutes nap. She no longer starts with 5 hours. She's not even getting to 4 hour stretches. She's waking about every 2 hours.

I give her boob. She dozes off. I remove her from boob. She fusses. I give her more boob and place her back in the crib asleep. I return to bed and spend the next 30 minutes trying to go back to sleep. Repeat cycle. The past couple of nights I have refused to get out of bed and made Him go tend to her. That has been helpful. I only have to get myself back to sleep. Still I want more.

That is all. Just having a pity party. Join me.

What do you want to vent and whine about? Come on. There must be something. Share it.

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