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Sleep Child Sleep - The Remix

Every night I go to bed with one thing on my mind. Is tonight the night? Is she going to sleep 8 hours straight? A few weeks back (I guess I should have done a real knock and not a *virtual* one because I am now cursed) she was sleeping 5 to 7 hour stretches. For the past couple of weeks, not so much. I was only doing one night feeding and now I'm doing 2.

I am transitioning her from the rocker to the crib and she's waking up more. She doesn't sleep longer than 4 hours. She's not addicted to the breast. She has slept without rocking but I do rock if she doesn't go down immediately. I really think the bed is just too uncomfortable. Is that possible? Is it just an adjustment thing?

Two nights ago we had a blow out incident that put the miracle blanket out of commission. I can't find her back up velcro blanket. I have to actually use a regular old blanket. She's busting out of that and waking herself up.

I'm too far in to go back to putting her in the rocker and it's becoming a tad bit unsafe. She's been making escape attempts. I don't know where she thinks she's going as she cannot crawl, walk, sit up unassisted for a long period of time, or fly.

This has been a very challenging sleep week (5 days). So I ask. When? When? When will this miraculous event occur? I know every baby is different just tell me when? I need some hope and 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.
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