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5 Minute Spa with DIY Body Butter and L'eggs Massage

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On Mother's Day, I'd like a day of pampering while having complete control of the remote as I pop sushi in my mouth and drink from my bottomless glass of mimosa. Not too much to ask, right? I may have to go with plan B though -- a 5 minute spa using homemade body butter and my gifted L'eggs tights. I'm the only one on board with plan A as it stands right now.

whipped body butter tutorial

I'm all about the self care. Moms tend to struggle with it. It's hard to squeeze in time for yourself when cooking dinner, loading and unloading the dishwasher, washing clothes, playing tag, wiping noses, kissing faces, plus 5056544 other things AFTER you come home from your day job.

Spare 5 minutes this Mother's Day and treat yourself to a super mini spa day. Do you remember the heart shaped massage bars? It's very easy to turn the same ingredients into a yummy cocoa butter scented whipped body butter. You or the child that loves you the most can whip up a batch for you in the kitchen. Cocoa butter feels cool on the skin and shea is every soothing on aching legs that are on the move all day.

DIY Body Butter

1 part cocoa butter
1 part coconut oil, softened
3 parts shea butter
1 or 2 drops of essential oils (optional)
hand mixer
airtight container*

*I recycled gelato containers. You know the ones I'm talking about. Starts with a T? You can also use old hair and beauty products too. Wash and wipe down with alcohol to get it super clean.

make body butter

If it's still cold where you are (sorry), place the coconut oil on a warm stove while you prep the cocoa butter. Melt cocoa butter down to a liquid. I like to use a hair dryer but you can use the stove too on a very low heat.

whipped coconut oil diy

Pour melted cocoa butter into large bowl. Add coconut oil and shea butter. Whip it until desired consistency is reached. I usually keep going until it's fluffy like whipped cream. Drop in your
essential oils and give the whole thing another whirl or 2. Pack it into the container. Done!

diy body butter container

Use it as an all over moisturizer or just knead it into tired legs and feet. The massage party doesn't have to end there though. Keep the leg love fest going by wearing a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy with 360° medium support. I kid you not.

They provide gentle graduated compression to not only smooth and sculpt your shape while dressed to the nines in your Mother's Day outfit but they also provide a gentle leg massage for energy zapped legs.

leggs sheer energy

If you have cramps with joint pain in your legs and feet during that time of the month, the compression can ease those aches and pains too. Take it next level DIY by cutting the feet off and making a panty girdle and using the legs as "sleeves" for PMS aches in your arms too. I sometimes wear my hosiery bits to bed because I enjoy the comfort so much. Yes, I do get the side eye from my husband but it works.

Get the self-care in when you can, mamas!  Take at the very least 5 minutes for yourself. You'll be happier and healthier while you're tending to the loved ones around you. Before I go, here's another tip for those tired legs. Put your feet up..

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Happy Mother's Day!

Are you on tired legs this Mother's Day? Have you tried L'eggs Sheer Energy?

leggs hosiery

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