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Meal Planning Made Simple with Intel Tablets

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What I love about Intel Tablets is having a space for all of my recipes. I can search recipes online or snap photos from books and magazines. With everything in one place, meal planning is much easier.

meal planning made simple

I love trying new flavors and trying new things. I don't like to have the same thing week to week as I normally did when I was growing up.  I'm not that great of a cook though and I rely heavily on recipes when planning meals, shopping, and cooking for the family.

meal planning with pinterest

Here's how I use my intel tablet throughout the entire process:

Research Sunday morning while V is watching cartoons, I think about what we'll eat for the next week. I search through my cookbooks and online for ideas.  I usually end up on Pinterest searching for quick, easy and healthy. After numerous sidetracks my research is done, I've come away with 3 to 4 dishes to try or tweak.

Schedule I write down the dishes on my calendar. This is also a good way to have a record that can be repeated month to month. I choose the easiest meals for the beginning of the week while I try to find my groove in life. By Wednesday, I can focus on meals that aren't all in one pot. More complicated dishes, I save for the weekends.

Grocery List Creation I use Google Keep checklist and add the ingredients as I search through the recipes. I also add my weekly essentials like milk, fruit, and bread. I then move everything into categories so when I get to the store I'm only hitting an aisle once.

Cooking I use my tablet to pull up the recipe and refer to it as I'm cooking. I can also easily Google search substitutions if for some reason I forgot an ingredient and have already started cooking and my bra is off and there's no way I'm headed back to the store!

intel tablets

The dish you see before you is Samosa Pie. It is one of the tastiest recipes I've ever found on Pinterest. I gush about it to everyone. I feel chef like when I prepare it. It's flavorful with lots of spice. It's also Violet approved. We all love this dish! It's filling and easy. There aren't that many ingredients and you're basically cooking all of the ingredients in one pot then baking it with a frozen puff crust on top.

samosa pie pinterest

It's very versatile too. I've tried it with beef and chicken. I freestyle with the spice mix. I've had it with and without the peas or chutney. I think it would also be good with lamb and goat or all veg with corn, sweet potato, and spinach. You can even freeze one for later! It has definitely become a staple recipe in our house and we'll be making it a lot this Fall. It's rare to find a dish that gets six thumbs up in this house.

How do you plan your meals?


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Ashleigh said...

That is so creative and sounds easy! We do the samey same around here since I'm working two jobs. Taco Tuesdays, chicken casserole, lots of squash in the fall. We're lame lol.


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