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How to Stay On Budget While Thrift Shopping

It's easy to go hog wild in a thrift store and lose track of your budget. Been there. Done that over and over again. Since I frequent thrift stores a lot more looking for additions to The Thriftanista Closet, I find myself picking up random crap treasures for myself too. That sort of defeats the purpose of making money. Even if the price is right, it adds up so make sure you ask yourself 3 questions first:

thrift shopping budget tips

1. Is it in your price range? If a particular piece is over $5, I don't buy unless it truly is a special piece. Salvation Army wanted $3 for the top I'm wearing. It was a 50% off day so had I come some other day, it would have been out of range and end up in some other thriftanista's closet.

coach purse from thrift store

2. Is it useful in your closet? Is a classic? Is it a staple? How many times will you wear it? When you're in save mode, no need to fill the closet with pieces that you may not like in the morning. After my closet purge, I am seriously lacking in blouses and sweaters so this blouse is definitely useful for me. 

skinny jeans and tall boots for fall style

3. What about it do you love? Name one thing you love about it and don't use "cheap" as a love. You can end up with a closet full of mediocre clothes that way. For me and this blouse it was the two tone inverted pleat on the sleeves. My eyes lit up over those therefore it passed my test and came home with me!

How do you maintain your budget?

da rue of california blouse

I fell sick when it was time to write today's post so that about does it for me. I'm in my fuzzy leopard bathrobe on the couch after taking a 2 hour nap for dinner. Ciao for now, folks!

thrift store shopping tips
THRIFT Da-Rue of California blouse - BDG jeans - Coach Court bag RETAIL Corso Como tall wedge boots

***in other news***

I bought V new clothes from Target that I totally want for myself. If you see the shirt or the pants, call me but only if it's in my budget!



ChickPool said...

all good to know. i have no budget which is why i end up buying stuff that i really don't like and then never wearing it and then giving it away. i'll take $20 with me next time and that's it! oh and your outfit is cute! feel better!

Daenel T. said...

Hope you're feeling better, Doll.

That blouse is cute.

When I go thrifting, I spend $20. That's it. I'm on a skirt kick right now, so I can usually pick up 5-6 skirts. My rule now is no brown or black because I have enough of those colors. I do need to add blouses to my collection but, again, stuck on skirts.

14th Street Vintage said...

Super cute. I would love to find that blouse in my size.

Ashleigh said...

I do the same thing. I bought a new with tags Meron dress for $12. The Target mark down stuff is always full price. I wore it once and then saw it at Target for $3. Grrr. Never doing that again. However, I also found a merona military inspired dress on 1/2 off day, $6 NWT and bought it, and realized when I got home the clerk rang it up half price, so I got it for $3. I wear that dress ALL the time. I don't NEEd it just because the tags are still on it. I definitely set a budget $20 TOTAL per visit including tax.) It's really hard, especially since Goodwill's been raising their prices (the costume jewelry at my local store is so ridiculously expensive that unless I am 100% sure it's vintage it doesn't go home with me.)
I think your top would have come home with me too. The colors are so preppy and the pleat is fun and unique. Just like you1

IAmToniLakeysha said...

I am maybe 2 years in to thrifting and I only go on days their having a sale. Savers on Sunday, Salvation Army on Wednesdays Goodwill on Thursdays. I take out $20 cash and use just that. I don't buy items unless they are on sale and I won't spend more than $8 on one item. It usually gets me a long way.

Great find and amazing post!

Unknown said...

I'm going to def remember these 3 things next shopping spree. I too always need tops!!

Unknown said...

Great post.

I did a closet purge & reorganization before I started thrifting. I wrote down every item that I needed like a black trench, pale green blouse, etc to match items in my closet.

I went ham when I started thrifting for clothes and was hitting up about 5 stores a week. I had to give my self a $5 per store visit max and only 1 to 2 stores a week. By keeping that $5/visit, I'm able to maximize creativity and truly integrate 1 to 2 new pieces in my closet after each visit.

Splendor said...

Very cute outfit. I don't really have a budget for clothes. I buy as needed and always go for quality pieces however the thrift stores near me are NOTHING like the ones you shop at with fabulous finds so I end up spending more than I'd like.

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you! I need shirts too real bad. It's hard to find good ones.

Thriftanista in the City said...

It may fit! Trade?

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Ash! Thrift stores definitely have they're Target merch pricing wrong. Same thing happens at Salvation Army.

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks! You rock for sticking to your budget and going on the sale days!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Good tops are so hard to find!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Nice strategy. I should probably make a list.

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you! No good thrift stores? Boo. Estate sales?

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