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Thrift Haul: $10 Bag Sale at Unique

Unique Thrift Stores had a $10 bag sale again. They give you a bag when you enter and you fill it up with merchandise from the floor. I had a great time at the last one and went on a thrift diet in preparation for this one. I had not been thrifting since the Black Friday haul! I was ready for a thrift adventure.

After much stuffing and re-stuffing and a bag burst, I was able to to score 5 purses, 2 pair of jeans, a blouse, 2 skirts, and 2 dresses for $10.

designer "inspired" Tod's handbag
Why did I thrift it? 
It has gorgeous color and nice details and even stitching. It's a pretty bag with a vibrant orange color. I couldn't tell if it was real or fake. I was too focused on thrifting to research but once I got it home...FAKE! It's cute though. Not sellable but cute enough for me.

Orange Tod's handbag

vintage Coach shoulder strap purse
Why did I thrift it? 
I want to sell it on eBay. It's cute and I'll keep it if I had to but I bought it specifically to sell.

Vintage Coach purse

vintage green Neiman Marcus bag
Why did I thrift it? 
I don't have a green purse and it's super soft. It looks like an old school Coach, no?

Green Neiman Marcus bag

Lug Moped Day Pack
Why did I thrift it? 
It makes the perfect "mom bag". It has pockets and compartments all over. It's compact. It also has magnetic closures which are great for me because I always have my purse open. They come in several styles and colors. This one retails for $48.

Lug Moped Day Pack

vintage Etienne Aigner saddle bag
Why did I thrift it? 
It's handmade and the style is so classic. They are a thrift store staple. I spot them all the time. I had no idea the brand still made handbags until last night while researching my finds.

vintage Etienne Aigner Bag

CJ by Cookie Johnson and Bullhead jeans
Why did I thrift it? 
Two pair of jeans that cover my butt crack! I'm really excited about the Cookie Jeans because they fit. Finally, thrifted premium denim in my size. After a year of Joe's, Hudson, and AG finds, I have found a pair that fit me! I've had a similar style in a virtual cart foreva!

Thrifted Cookie Johnson and Bullhead jeans

Milly NY skirt
Why did I thrift it?
Looks great on and the pattern is beautiful. It's also eBay worthy! I haven't decided if I'm keeping or selling.

Milly NY skirt

handmade patchwork skirt
Why did I thrift it?
I'm not sure. I like all the colors in the skirt. It fits well. I'm not much of a patchwork fan though. It fit in the bag so I grabbed it.

Handmade patchwork skirt

silk snakeskin print United Colors of Benetton blouse
Why did I thrift it?
I will always buy animal prints.

United Colors of Benetton blouse

floral shirt dress Mlle Gabrielle
Why did I thrift it?
I love shirt dresses and I love prints.

Thrifted shirtdress Mlle Gabrielle

printed maxi dress by Lapis
Why did I thrift it?
It's a thick knit and I think I can get some winter wear out of it. It's easy styling and no wrinkling.

Lupis maxi dress

I got everything in this little bag!

Unique $10 Bag Sale

You like? 
What have you thrifted lately?

In other news: I posted 10 NYE parties that are under $60. If you're local, check it out! 
Happy New Year! See you next year!

My Peapod $25 gift card giveaway is ending soon!


Ask Nia B said...

You found some nice items! I too went to the event on 12/26 and scored big time!

laniza said...

Wow! I wish my local thrift stores had $10 days. Even though the orange bag is fake, I just love the color and material!

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

lol "thrift diet". I think you need to do a post about your strategy that allows you to get all that awesome stuff in that little bag ;) Love that Lapis dress.

Shon said...

Great finds to round the year out!! Boom!!

Those CJ's are an awesome find for the price. Enjoy and please post a photo and a review on how they wear. I have been curious about Ms. Johnson's denim.

Happy 2013!

YUMMommy said...

Love Aigner! Everybody should own at least one Aigner piece. Looks like you got some really great items. I will be upping my thrifting game in 2013.

Cherrie J. said...

Great finds!! You have officially inspired to me to sell things on ebay/start a blog store! I have so many items that I would like to sell, but dont know where to start. Any advice?

Mimi said...

That orange bag is the bomb. I love the color on that. Total score with that one. I wish we had those types of sales around here.

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

LOVE the color and the handle. Orange has become one of my new favorite colors.

Karen said...

You were able to get a lot for $10! It's a win win whether you keep the items or sell them on eBay!


That's My Mama said...

Those bags are awesome!

Serena @ Thrift Diving said...

Freaking awesome!!! Seriously, I've never seen a haul quite so fantastically CHEAP!!! LOL

Thrift Diving

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

You sell that red bag yet?

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