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Weird or NTB (Normal Toddler Behavior)?

Before having a baby, I'd never spent much time around babies. I had no clue about their habits and such.

V does some pretty quirky things and I'm not sure if this is just what babies do or is she just doing Violet.

The roaring started early on and continues until now. She loves roaring and growling. I've walked into her room to do a dreamfeed and hear her making animal sounds in her partial sleep.

She will use anything as a walker. Even though she is walking on her own now, she tries to get extra speed by pushing against objects. The weirdest being her sippy cup. Of course, this was a total fail and resulted in a face-plant.

She puts everything on top of her head not just hats, sunglasses, and bows. She will try to put purses on her head, toys, paper, leaves. Every. Thing.

She can't have 2 kinds of food on her tray. If I put her two favorites on the tray - cheese and mum-mums. She will chow down on 1 and ignore the other.

She loves to dish out hugs but kisses have to be stolen or begged for. She will freely kiss her toys though.

She has an obsession with water. She chants for it. She plays with what's left in the dishwasher. She holds her face in the spray when she's stalking me in the shower. Of course, bath time is a real treat for her. She drinks the soapy water from the face towel.

When V is really excited, she will do a little fancy footwork with her crawl. She bops her head back and forth and does some wiggly dance type moves while crawling. She crawls. Stops. Kickballshuffles. Bop head. Repeat.

Nothing is more delicious to her than the bottom of our shoes. She would lick them clean if I allowed it.

She has a WubbaNub pacifier with a lamb stuffy attached. She doesn't hug it while she sleeps. She doesn't suck the pacifier. Instead, she puts her finger in the nipple. She also tries to do this while nursing. Ouch!

So tell me, do these behaviors sound familiar? What quirky things do your babies do?


YUMMommy said...

Have no fear it sounds like NTB. Moo loved putting things on her head. Now, she does it to see if she can balance it. I guess roaring noises must be popular with girls because Moo did it and so did my niece.

JJ is still in the cooing stage. So, I'm not sure. And I think they all love water at some point.

Jeannee said...

Almost all these things sound like Violet - who is just soooo cute! especially in the chair pic's! - is in the mold of an ordinary toddler - that shoe-licking thing, tho - eeewww!

Mama Violet said...

@YUMMommy I wouldn't mind weirdness I have just seen these behaviors. Kids are so free with doing exactly what they want. I love it most of the time. :)

Mama Violet said...

@Jeannee she has cootie mouth with the shoe soles...why am i begging for these kisses? LOL

Lady Terror said...

She is hilarious. She is a normal fun toddler. They crack me up.

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