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Babywearing Novice

While pregnant I made the decision to wear Queen V (this is my latest and most frequently used nickname for her because she is well...the QUEEN) all the time. I don't know where the thought came from but it seemed like the natural thing to do. I can continue about my day with an extra few pounds attached to me.

I inherited a ZoloWear sling that came with a video. I was intimidated by that so I never even took it out of the package. I ended up buying a Moby wrap that she hated in the beginning. She learned to love it and took great naps in it. Naps that lasted 2 hours! Le sigh. Now it seems the QUEEN has outgrown it. She'll sleep in it occasionally but most of the time she's just too alert and grabby. She's constantly jumping it it like she does the Jumperoo. She's come close to falling out and when I'm cooking she's reaching for everything.

I also bought a Baby Bjorn for when we're on the go. The Bjorn had magic powers. She would instantly fall asleep (even with the frigid temps) and never saw more than our block until a couple of weeks ago. Sadly it appears she's outgrown this too. She seems uncomfortable in it - grunting and kicking her legs.

I slowed down on the babywearing because it became a hassle. I didn't want to get her all settled in the wrap and then have to take her out 5 minutes later. In the house, I'm holding her all the time, rocking her in the bouncer, or she's lounging/sleeping on my lap. I've also started using a stroller and that comes with its own set of challenges plus no extra body heat for both of us. Sad face.

I've been all over Twitter, looking for meetups and googling trying to find a solution and thought a back carry would be good. She can watch what's going on if she's not feeling sleepy and have all that access to my locs (not the part I love but I think she would enjoy it). I can also have the hands free and have a better view of what's in front of me. Originally I was interested in doing an African style like in this video (found by BabyEtteEtsy) but I began to see a zillion other styles and a zillion different structured carriers and wraps.

Color me confused but on Saturday I found what I needed to navigate me through it all -- Babywearing International of Chicagoland. SN: Don't you love it when that happens? I really do believe that you can manifest things in your life with thought. I promptly joined the FB group and attended the first meeting. I met a great group of women and a lovely little boy who was so attentive to the babies and made sure they had toys to play with. The sheros provided a ton of information AND hands on support. The group also has a lending library. Members can check out carriers and wraps! How cool is that? I will definitely be going back next month. 

What are your babywearing experiences? Love it? Hate it? Do you think babywearing makes it harder or easier for babies to sleep on their own? (just thinking about my own situation)


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Gavin loves the Moby for napping. But, the minute he's up, he squirms and pushes against me and wants nothing to do with it. Once he's off lock-down, we're going to Be By Baby to learn about other options ... can't wait!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

BTW, Gavin has no problem sleeping on his own at night. I don't wear him all day ... just for naps. He's probably in my or my husbands arms about 75% of his waking hours, though. So, in our case, baby wearing has not affected sleeping on his own.

YUMMommy said...

Moo hated babywearing. She would cry every time I put her in her Snuggli. And if she didn't cry immediately, she still only lasted ten minutes.

Mama Violet said...

@Nilsa good to know. When she has a bad night I sometimes think it's because I've been holding her all day and know she can't adjust.

@YUMMommy V was the same way. She wasn't immediately in love with it once I started moving around she would knock out.

heather m said...

We're so happy you found us and that you liked the meeting. Glad you're planning to join us next month! Z likes to report to daddy all about the babies he entertains at meetings. :)

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Don't you love when Moms can come together and help and support one another? :)

Hyacynth said...

Welcome to our group! Nice to have another blogger. :)

Mama Violet said...

@Heather M Z is too cute.

I'm glad to have found such an amazing group of women. Thanks for your support.

Sara said...

It was great to see you at the meetup! That was only my second babywearing meetup, the first one there, that I went to. I look forward to many more myself. Z was just adorable with the little babies.

I have a slight addiction to reading blogs (even though I rarely post in any of the three I have) so I'm giddy over having a new blog to follow.

Mama Violet said...

I have a blog habit too. I cleaned some out only to replace them with more blogs. I'm going to go take a gander at your 3! That's a lot of blogging to keep up with.

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