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The Confessional

The truth shall set you free......

I'm breastfeeding in a lot of the photos I take of myself.

I once sent a secret admirer email to a co-worker.

90% of the time, I walk around the house with at least 1 boob exposed.

I'm tired of breastfeeding.

I'm tired of pumping.

The weight on my drivers license is about 15 pounds off (I know I'm not the only one.)

I've flashed passing cars on the expressway.

I have 726 subscriptions in my two google readers.

If I were sober when I met Him, we probably would have never gotten together.

My daughter's name has a connection to my father that most family members don't know.

I have been meaning to write my cousin in jail for at least 6 months but I don't know what to say.

I like going to non-english as a first language countries because I have an excuse for not talking to people.

I rely on liquid courage in a lot of social situations.

Get it off your chest. What do you want to confess?


Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

Those are some good confessions you've got going there!

V dot said...

I was bed ridden for four days with the flu and didn't shower the entire time (gross, I know).

I was charged with checking on and feeding a friends cat while they were away and forgot my duties the first two days. Thankfully he put out a lot of food the night he left. Kitty still had food when I showed up.

I sleep with a pocket knife near my bed just in case a rapist/murderer breaks in.

Mama Violet said...

@Dr. Mom I have many many more. Thanks for stopping by.

@ V dot No shower 4 may have me beat there. 3 days tops for me. Po' cat. Be careful with that knife!

Liz said...

How did you end up with that many google reader subscriptions?!? wow!

I don't know many women who breastfed, who really loved it for the long haul.

Funkidivagirl said...

No confession, but some support: I breastfed both kids for the long for 27 months and one for 3 years.

I'm sure there's a confessional story in there somewhere....

Tricia Hersey said...

I have been skinny dipping more than once
I have been to a nude beach. Yes, I unveiled and read a book for hours
I like to write my resignation letters before I even start looking for new job
A co-worker was fired and asked to leave. I was excited so I could take both jars of the yummy natural peanut butter and organic jam she left in break room
I have eaten my son's food and then when he asks where it went, I act like I don't know what he is talking about. He is 3.
I make up the stories so they are short in his bedtime books if they have super long paragraphs of reading. I am sleepy.

Mama Violet said...

@ Liz Google made a lot of good recommendations for me. Most of them are fashion and sewing blogs. I also have a lot of vegan food porn blogs and then came the mommy blogs! I think my goal this year should be scaling them back!

@Funkidivagirl You rock for keeping the the breastfeeding going that long. Most likely I will not make it that long.

@Tricia I've made out resignations too. You have to make your intentions known to the universe. LOL on the free PB & J.

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