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Flashback Friday - The Twenties

20 seconds ago I started the coffee.
20 minutes ago I fed Little Miss breakfast in bed.
20 weeks ago my water broke and I was still excited about being in labor.
20 months ago I had a drunken conversation with him about whether or not we were going to have kids. We agreed on yes.
20 years ago I was sweet 16 and never been kissed. Crushing hard on Ori Dixon (wonder where he's at now). Hating school but still excelling. 

What were you doing 20 seconds, minutes, weeks, months or years ago?


Tricia Hersey said...

you left out way too much about reggae club dancing. A good part of your 20's was spent in the clubs having good times. Good times. Sigh. Things have changed.

Mama Violet said...

Lol. I'll have to do one for 10 yrs ago. Good times. Good times.

V dot said...

20 seconds ago I posted on FB
20 minutes ago I was on a conference call
20 weeks ago I celebrated my 35th birthday.
20 months ago I was working PT making a FT salary.
20 years ago I was 15 and had my first kiss with a boy named Dwayne in the church basement.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Oh my gosh, that's too much math after spending my week trying to teach long division to my "sweet and low" group.

I'll do one...20 years ago Mac was only 4, and he was the sweetest. I miss him at every age. Good thing for him I'm liking how he's turning out...

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