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10 Questions for a Thriftanista - Rebound Boutique

Happy Friday! I met this month's featured thriftanista via Thriftanista Social Club. Tracey is a seasoned thrifter with a great eye for styling with color and finding quality treasure. She's also the owner of online resale shop, Rebound Boutique. Let's check her out!

rebound boutique

Name Tracey

Location Minnesota

Favorite places to shop?

The places I choose to shop is more about customer service and being in a clean organized environment...Salvation army - Bloomington Minnesota, Goodwill St. Louis Park Minnesota, Value Village (vintage only) Brooklyn Park Minnesota.
What are some of your favorite finds? 

Honestly everything I buy I feel like I must have!! My most recent would be...never worn Michael Kors loafers super comfy. Prefect shoes for thrifting - $6.99 Goodwill.
thrifted michael kors loafers

How would you describe your style?

My style is constantly evolving. As I get older I get more confident in myself. I'm more willing to try different things. Things more suited to me, my personality and even my mood. I no longer worry about what's on trend. I love clean classic cuts that offer versatility and I absolutely love clothing that accentuate femininity.

10 minutes to shop what aisles do you run to?

The first aisle I go to in any store is always dresses. It doesn't matter what season next skirts then suits.


How much of your closet is thrifted?

I would definitely have to say 90%. I hardly ever shop retail. The only things that I pay retail for are white blouses and shoes!

Why do you thrift?

I worked as a retail manager for over 20 years. The markup is ridiculous. The turnover of what's in is so quick. I also have a real problem with the retail stores telling me what I should be wearing and when. Thrift Stores are a Smorgasbord of all the styles and designers I love. It's economical and environmentally responsible.

thrift fashion style

Do you have a thrift store budget?

I try not to spend more than $50 a haul but for some reason it always seems to change once I get to the checkout. As far as what I'm willing to spend any one item that's completely based on brand and condition.

What's your thrifting "white whale"?

LMBO!!! Pants unless they're dress pants or a part of a suit I never have luck ever!!

online resale shop owner

Do you have any thrift shopping tips you'd like to share?

In my downtime I use Polyvore and Pinterest. They help me to create different looks and gives me more of a idea of what I'm looking for.

I like to shop late evening or early morning. Right when they open or right before they close. That's when the stores are cleanest and most organized so you don't spend a lot of time.

I also never bother going through every single thing on the rack I stand back and I look. I compare fabrics textures and prints and those will be the only items I touch. Quality always stands out amongst garbage. 

Last but not least if you think you're overpaying for an item Google the brand and see what it or similar items cost retail and what it sells for used on eBay or Amazon then go from there.

Where can we see more of your amazing finds?


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