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The Grocery Store Chicago Big Puffy Hearts

Beyond excited to have been chosen by #CollectiveBias, the social shopper media company, for a compensated tour of #MyMarianos newest location in Ravenswood.

Mariano's is the best grocery store Chicago has to offer so I was ecstatic to be at the Ravenswood store on grand opening day!  Other than summer, this is the most anticipated arrival of the year. I know I'm not alone. My Facebook feed was buzzing with the great news. I met a friend at the train station and he said everyone from the train was heading straight to Mariano's located right next door to the station.

grocery store chicago #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

We know a good thing when we see it. This store is amazing! It is the biggest Mariano's so far with over 80,000 square feet. There's Ok! (Oki) Sushi, Todds BBQ, The Oyster Bar, and my personal favorite Nob's piano wine bar all in one location! I was on a tour and I also had babes with me in a police car cart so I will have to do further exploration of Nob's at a later date.

nobs wine bar marianos #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

This place is the perfect late night grocery shopping / mom night out / treat yourself excursion. Free parking in a walk friendly location too!

ravenswood mariano's #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

The Ravenswood store features:

  • a Sweet Shoppe offering gourmet popcorn, candy apples, chocolate covered strawberries and more!
  • Squeez'd smoothie bar with a made to order nutritional fruit and vegetable smoothies and fresh squeezed fruit juices.
  • An expansive meat department with conventional and organic meats. Plus wild game meats including ostrich, pheasant, alligator, quail, buffalo and wild boar.
  • Two grill stations available for your freshly purchased meats and seafoods. No extra charge!
  • A dietitian available for nutrition consultations, education classes, health screenings, and store tours.

chicago bakery #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

In addition to all of this fabulous, there's still high quality groceries Mariano's is known for.

  • produce department  with over 300 organic fruits and vegetables to choose from.
  • An international grocery selections from 15 countries.
  • Seafood brought from shore to store within 48 hours. 
  • The bakery is well stocked with artisan breads, pastries, cakes, donuts, and rolls baked fresh daily plus ethnic and Italian treats.  
  • Not to mention, the always delicious Vero authentic Italian coffee and gelato and 
  • the floral department showcasing over 30 varieties of cut flower bunches.
All of this with impeccable customer service. I am witness to the service first hand. V spilled her juice and it was immediately cleaned up and I was asked if she'd like a replacement. While in another department, Thom asked that I relay this message to you all. "If you need anything at all, just ask for Thom with an H!"

grocery store chicago #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

That's still not all of the offerings available at Mariano's Ravenswood. You need to see it to really understand how amazing it is. Go check it out!  It's located at 1800 W. Lawrence Ave and open from 6a - 10p every day. Bring your rewards card and save me a seat at the bar! Any of them.

chicago seafood #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias

Find out more about the newest Mariano's location and more by visiting their very active and engaging FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages.

Are you a Mariano's fan? Have you been to the Ravenswood store?

ravenswood grocery store #MyMarianos #Shop #cbias
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