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Getting Dressed When You Want to Wear A Muumuu

There are definite advantages to working inside of the home. Being able to dress anyway I choose tops the list. It's still a struggle in the wahm / sahm life though. Sometimes I don't see the point of getting dressed at all. Most of the day it's just me and V. I'm at the grocery store. I'm at the library. I'm at the post office. I'm home. I'm cleaning. Im cooking. I'm playing with V. Why put together a whole outfit?

thriftanista in the city

Having this blog is a great motivator. It keeps me from wearing my lounging muumuu everyday. If I don't "dress" I feel less ambitious about starting the day. Putting on clothes gives me focus and gets me going even if I am just in jeans and a sweater.When I get dressed, I'm also another step closer to getting out of the house which is a whole other beast.

j crew peter pan collar sweater

Nothing says I put in a good effort like wearing J. Crew. It's so comfortable and easy but always looks pulled together. It's a little big. No worries. It just adds to the comfy level. Also wearing a new found pair of great jeans. I found a low rise with full butt coverage. I did not know it was possible.

thrifted j crew

Someone I know likes to wear pajamas when she's indoors. I don't think she needs to get dressed to help her manage her day. Lucky girl.

sahm casual style

Do you dress when you're at home?

wearing j crew
THRIFT J. Crew rugby striped shirt - Joe's jeans RETAIL Apepazza silver wedge booties GIFT handmade Ghanian bracelet

thrift store joes jeans

***in other news***

Do you like this mom casual look?
Jeffrey Campbell makes a spectacular silver wedge boot.
ThredUp, the online thrift store, has the same J. Crew sweater available.
Neiman's has a similar pair of Joe's Jeans on sale for $55!


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