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5 Thrift Fashion Favorites

There are 5 trends that are near and dear to my thrifting heart. While not totally mainstream, they are my favorites in the the world of thrift store fashion.

wearing culottes

how to wear culottes

1. Culottes 

Just when you thought I put the culottes away, I pull out Eiffel Tower ones! It's hard to see the mini towers with the giant red roses competing for all of the attention. Culottes top my list of fashion because it's skirt-like with perks. The giant pant legs sway when I walk plus I can get low, drop it like's hot, or wrangle V at the playground -- the most likely situation.

sequin shoulder tee worn with culottes

2. Vintage Gloves

I feel all ladylike and fresh out of a 50s movie when I wear vintage gloves. Especially opera length ones. They are usually pretty cheap thrifted so it's hard for me to resist them when I spot the. However, Chicago doesn't really have an appropriate season for them. It's either too hot or far to cold for them. I end up putting them in odd locations too. I wish I knew where these sheer gloves are. They could work for Chicago's week long Fall (then we jump right into winter).

thrifted 80s print culottes

3. Elastic Waist 

Maybe I should start an elastic waist blog because I seriously love it. Easy on. Easy off. Extremely comfortable. Easy to fit if your waist and thighs are in different sizes.

thrift style blogger wears culottes

4. High Waist Pants

High Waist Pants chop up the proportions of my body in the most flattering way. I'm talking navel covering. Cover my navel and my legs "grow" a couple of inches.

thrift fashion blog thriftanista in the city

5. Secretary Dresses

Blouse on top with a nipped waist and full skirt. Add a pussy bow and I'm in secretary dress heaven! It's the perfect dress combination. Dare I say flattering most? Dresses are probably the easiest fashion around too as it's all one piece.

What thrift fashion trends are your favorites?

ways to style culottes
THRIFT vintage sunglasses - Boston Proper sequin shoulder tee - Strenesse eiffel tower culottes EBAY Gianni Binni leopard print ankle strap sandals


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