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Leopard Print Jeans at Goodwill

I thrifted the leopard print jeans a while ago at Goodwill. They were in my mend pile to never ever again see the light of day. I wanted to take in the pant leg and make them a little more skinny. Right now they are a bootcut. Now that I pulled them out, I think I will keep them as is. Bootcut works for me.

Thrift Find Leopard Print Jeans

They are a great representation of one of my thrift tips -- ignore size labels. They're a size 13/14 and I think they are from the juniors section. I loved the print but turned my noise up at that size and the teeny bopper cut. I tried them on anyway. To my surprise, they fit very well. I have complete butt coverage even when I bend over! There's no waist gap either. No belt required. 

Thrift Find leopard print jeans

That leaves room for me to apply a totally non-functional belt around my waist. I have no reason for the waist belt other than I wanted to change it up a bit because I have worn this sweater several times on the blog. It's in disguise. Is it working? Did you recognize the sweater from this post and this one?

Thrift Find leopard print jeans

I don't have a lot of sweaters. I had a hard time finding them this winter. Well, maybe every winter because my closet is really lacking in that department. Hence, the green sweater repetition.

Thrift Find leopard print jeans

A change is coming though. I had a major haul yesterday at Unique Thrift Store's $10 per bag sale. I can't wait to show all the goodies! It's been a while since I've done a large haul.

Thrift Find leopard print jeans

 I went out in the snowstorm we're having here in Chicago. Yeah, I love thrift shopping that much. 

Thrift Find leopard print jeans
THRIFT Faded Glory sweater -  pink belt - Bubblegum Flavour jeans - off white 80's vintage chain strap purse RETAIL NY&Co tank top - Betsey Johnson booties
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