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Style File: vintage 70s dress, Gap cardi, and Coach bag

I love the knife pleats on this vintage dress. When I picked it up during the Black Friday haul, my eyes lit up. I imagined myself twirling in it! It has such a flirty shape. As I said before, I am thinking of chopping it into just a skirt. I haven't decided yet so I'm wearing it with a sweater over it. The fabric is really thin. It works as a skirt, yes?

thrifted clothing
I like the dress I just think I will get more wear out of it as a skirt. As a dress, it gives off a 70's disco vibe and I definitely don't see the "disco" much these days.

thrifted clothing

I was also able to work the Anne Klein skinny belt into my outfit. That is until I ate several tacos then it  took up residence in my bag.

thrifted clothing

This is the only thrifted Coach bag I haven't sold. It is one of my favorite finds.

thrifted clothing

I had forgotten about my $5 black cardigan. It was hidden in the black hole that is my closet. Well worth every penny. I wore the sh*.. it a lot last year. It's starting to peel a bit. Time to search for another. 

thrifted clothing

I've seen this exact sweater in a couple of different colors. They've never made it home with me because I'm trying to stop buying duplicate items. Now that I need a replacement I'm sure to never spot one again.

thrifted clothing
cardigan // Gap / thrifted
belt // Anne Klein / thrifted
vintage dress // home sewn / thrifted
tights // Worthington
booties // Born
vintage bag // Coach / thrifted

My weekend involved tacos with good friends. How about you? Did you end up with a belt in your bag?
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