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Dressing up basics with animal print, pink and sparkles

I dressed in casual basics for the weekend. Chambray shirt. Check. Knit pants. Check. Cargo pants. Check. Also in normal fashion, I added my own little burst of pow as a "defrumper".

Defrumper #1: Leopard booties

On Saturday, I attended the Chicago Toy and Game fair and I knew I would be doing lots of walking and carrying bags and pushing V in the stroller. I also had to be out the door at 7:30 am in order to make it to the blogger breakfast. I pulled this simple ensemble together in minutes and was out the door with V (of course, taking a few minutes to snap pics) in under an hour.

Denim and leopard

Denim and leopard
necklace // bought in Kenya
chambray shirt // J. Crew / thrifted
knit pants // Nine West
leopard booties // Target

Defrumper #2: hot pink blouse

Sunday, I went to an SEO training (btw, it was amazing!). Since I was baby free and would be sitting, I finally had a chance to wear the pointy toe DvF booties. They are not for a casual stroll. Left baby toe was crying for a seat in the 5 minute walk from car to class.

I'm still experimenting with cargo pants. I bought these army green pants these for the tapered ankle length but the pleats on the front just aren't very flattering for my shape. I probably should have just untucked my blouse. Oh wells. Next time.

Now the blouse. I love this color! I wish I had more of it in my closet. It's amazing.The pleated front is great too. They hide the squish. I may have to wash and wear it on Thanksgiving. It will go well with the obligatory stretchy pants.

Fuchsia blouse and cargo pants

vintage leather jacket // Opera / thrifted
vintage fuchsia blouse // Anne Klein / thrifted
chain belt // unkown / thrifted
green cargo pants // Anne Taylor Loft / thrifted
brown booties // Diane von Furstenberg / thrifted

Defrumper #3: sparkly nails

I have such a love hate relationship with sparkly nail polish. Love to sparkle. Hate the chore of removing it. Argh. 

I used Essie Recessionista with Stroke of Brilliance on top. Recessionista is a plum color and Stroke of Brilliance has large blue glitter specks which probably explains the navy-ish color in the picture. It's more of a burgundy color in real life.

Essie Recessionista with Stroke of Brilliance

How do you "defrump"?

In unrelated news: My blogiversary was this weekend. Thriftanista in the City is 2 years old!
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