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StyleFile: Mom casual

 Warning: Seriously grainy photos ahead. Now that the temps have dropped, I'm testing indoor locations. Time for me to move back inside. I don't know if I'll be organized enough to go outside without my coat on. Dress V in warm clothes. Take pictures. Retrieve coat and head back out for the day.

 This is the first location I'm trying out. I'm in the hallway of the basement. There's good light that comes through all of the windows. You can't tell by the photos.

I wore this mom casual look before the bottom fell out on Thursday. It went from 75 degrees to 45 degrees in one day *tears*. 

V has 1 hour of play school in the morning and I don't like her (or myself) to miss out on that hour separation. Naturally we were running late so no opportunity there unless I'm willing to go full on fash blogger taking pictures in interesting "offsite" locations. Which I'm not.

When we came back home, it was time for a nap so it was the ideal time to take photos without Ms. Photobomber and that's when we had the drastic drop! I'm so not ready for this.

Wow! That's dark. Negatory on basement hallway pictures.
necklace // diy
denim blazer // Ralph Lauren / thrifted
white tee // NY & Co.
knit pants // Nine West
loafers // Nordstrom / thrifted

Why didn't I just move my tripod over to the window? Is it normal to have "pregnancy brain" for 38 years? Picture of nails came out great! You know where I'll be for the next Style post....
Essie Made to Honor

Cold weather blogging sistren and brethren, what do you do when the temperature dips?
How was your weekend? What did you do?
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