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Playing dress up with vintage

I had about 20 minutes of daylight to myself so I decided to play a little dress up. I was also in kind of a crappy mood and playing in my closet makes me feel better.

The place is a disaster area right now. We're in the process of moving so there are boxes everywhere and of course, Hurricane Violet blows through all day, every day. Try to ignore all that and just look at how cute the vintage dress is.

I had never actually tried it on. It's from the $10 bag sale. I bought it for the Etsy shop so I wasn't concerned with how it would look on me. I just put it on the mannequin. 

I bought the purse during a Thriftanista Social Club meetup at Unique. It's another item waiting to be added to Etsy. Soon come.

There's no story, rhyme or reason to the pics. I'm just having some mama time. 

Isn't this what you do with your free time?

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